ARHT Media Offers HUMAGRAMS™ Window displays


ARHT Media offers HUMAGRAMS™. Window displays, endcap, point-of-purchase, in-store booths and other high traffic locations make an ideal spot for HumaGrams.™ A black box aka ARHTengine, is a fully rigged Proximity Mobile Marketing machine, capable of watching a shopper to then curate the most desirable experience using a number of real-time metrics to best shape the ideal outcome between the shopper and the HumaGram™. Through near field communication, low energy blue tooth, Wi-Fi and cellular, HumaGrams™ can push and pull all forms of messaging and communications between a HumaGram™ and the mobile phone of the shopper for immediate use. For more information, visit ARHT Media, 65 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M5H 2M5, Canada; (Web Site)