Duracell Fit & Feel Battery Selector Display


Duracell believed an improved interactive selector could help retailers sell more specialty batteries. This interactive selector display allows the shopper to match their current Coin/Button cell battery with the right Duracell coded product on the shelf adjacent to the display. The selector was made from injection molded plastic tooling that addressed the width and depth of each Coin/Button battery cell. The shopper takes their current Coin/Button battery cell and checks for the “Fit,” by matching the width and depth of the cell to the available holes on the selector. The final step is to match the code number by the chosen cell with the correct Duracell package located adjacent to the Fit & Feel Selector. A QR labeled sign assists shoppers who did not have their button cell battery with them. Any Smartphone can scan the QR code, where they are taken to a Duracell site that allows them to match up their C/B cell number with the right Duracell battery.
This display was created by RockTenn Merchandising Displays, (www.rocktenn.com), a Winston-Salem, NC-headquartered display firm.