Colors Of Health Introduces In-Store Marketing Initiative


The Colors of Health is a color-guided, goal-oriented, marketing initiative designed to actively engage people in buying and eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables in all forms, so they can reach 5 Cups a Day for better health. The key strategy in The Colors of Health® initiative is daily, active engagement through color. The well-publicized, science-based, 5-color guidance system, originally developed as “The Color Way™” by the founders of The Colors of Health, forms the mechanism that guides consumers in shopping for a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables. Both in-store and outside of the shopping environment, The Colors of Health Daily Tools of Engagement™ use the 5-color system to guide the “colorful pathway to purchase” and help make it easier-and more fun-to plan, buy, eat, and then track colors and cups every day. With over 400 million shopping occasions every week, at over 36,000 retail outlets, supermarkets can do more than any other organization to guide shoppers toward the achievement of 5 Cups a Day.