Smart Shelf Streamlines Danze Product Line

InReality Danze Smart Shelf

Danze recently collaborated with InReality, (, an Atlanta, GA-based display firm, to create a digitally augmented in-store experience to help customers more easily navigate the product line.
The chief challenge InReality faced was fitting an entire product line of Danze faucets in a finite wall space. The solution is the Smart Shelf, a playful, interactive experience that seamlessly blends real-world product interaction with an intuitive digital interface into a six-foot linear wall space. Reality affixed a selection of faucets to custom-designed acrylic display pods and tagged each pod with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. To trigger interactive on-screen content specific to a particular faucet, shoppers move a pod from the wall and place it on the Smart Shelf, which reads the RFID tag.