Unilever Shelf Enhancer Promotes Motions Hair Care Line


Unilever desired to draw shopper attention to its Motions Ethnic Hair Care. An in-line shelf enhancer was created that included framing an area that would fit existing shelves and be dedicated to the Motions product line; Be easy to install and update; Reinforce the brand assets and showcase its dominant gold color; and Include hot spots for educational material.

The top and sides of the frame extend out, beyond the shelf, to draw attention and pull shoppers to the Motions area. Header graphics are easy to update. A graphic panel on the shelf provides information hot spots and an informational booklet, which helps shoppers select the right products for their needs. Graphic navigational strips in the front of shelves help shoppers quickly find their product (shampoo, conditioner, treatment, etc). The display is designed to hang from the front of the shelf so it is not restricted to one gondola type or size. The Motions Ethnic Hair Care in-line shelf enhancer was created by POP Displays, USA; (www.popdisplaysusa.com), a Yonkers, NY-headquartered p.o.p. display firm.