adidas Introduces HomeCourt Interactive Store Concept


adidas recently opened its interactive store concept HomeCourt at the adidas Brand Centre in Beijing, China, as the world’s next-generation retail space in the world’s largest adidas store.
The HomeCourt entrance is embedded in an Arena Façade and based on the principles of a players’ tunnel. Visitors are welcomed by discreet sound showers of cheering fans, giving them a transition zone to leave the street or mall behind. Footwear is the heart of the new stores placed in the centre of the floor, radiating to the apparel categories that surround it. The shoe bar is an interactive table with two big touchscreens. By simply placing a physical shoe on the table, next to the touchscreen, the bar will recognize the product and a 3-D version of it will appear on the screen. Consumers can then zoom in on the shoe and even take a deeper look at the technology inside of it to learn how the product will maximize their performance.