Trinchero Promotes One Bottle, One Tree


Trinchero Family Estates’ Trinity Oaks Wine is conducting a ‘One Bottle, One Tree’ promotion. The One Bottle One Tree program funds the planting of a beneficial tree for every bottle of Trinity Oaks wine sold in partnership with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future. “Trinchero Family Estates has been in the Napa Valley community since 1948 and takes environmental responsibility very seriously,” said Bob Torres, Sr. V.P., Operations, Trinchero Family Estates. “Through programs like One Bottle One Tree, we can extend that commitment globally.”
Trinity Oaks’ bottle labels and marketing materials are made from 100% post-consumer-recycled paper, and the capsule on every bottle is made from EarthFirst® PLA film, which uses less energy and is made in a greenhouse neutral facility. The bottles are made using special lightweight glass and packed in non-bleached Kraft shippers, which are made from 40% post-consumer-recycled paper.