Stella Artois Creates In-Home Bar Experience


Stella Artois has launched the PerfectDraft, a countertop draft system that will become one feature of the brand’s quest to elevate the home-bar experience. Stella Artois drinkers in particular have come to expect the beer to be served in its signature Chalice, using the brand’s time-honored 9-step pouring ritual. A system such as PerfectDraft allows them to drink Stella Artois in its finest form in the comfort of their own home. ‘New Girl’ TV star Jake Johnson, has been named the spokesperson for the Stella Artois promotion. “Stella Artois connoisseurs around the world appreciate the care and craftsmanship that go into every chalice, from the finest ingredients to the time-honored pouring ritual,” said Debora Koyama, Global V.P., Stella Artois. “We intend to remake the home bar experience on a global scale, to ensure that consumers never miss the opportunity to drink their favorite beer in the form they prefer.”