Monroe Taking ‘Everything Gets Old’ Message To 50 Cities


Tenneco’s Monroe Shocks and Struts brand is betting that its new “Everything Gets Old. Even Your Shocks” mobile marketing vehicle will help millions of consumers learn the importance of having their shock absorbers and struts inspected at 50,000 miles. The 25-foot-long, 10-foot-high, custom-built, twin-axle, LED-illuminated shock will be towed by a SUV featuring matching yellow-and-black graphics and information on how consumers can win prizes by connecting online with the Monroe brand. “A 25-foot-long shock absorber on wheels absolutely commands attention everywhere it goes, which makes it an ideal way to help connect consumers with our brand, products and the 50,000-mile inspection message,” said Monroe Marketing Coordinator Denise Hanefeld. “Monroe is known for creating memorable marketing and consumer education tools; this vehicle sets new standards for both.” Tenneco will award weekly prizes to consumers who share photos and photos of the Monroe vehicle and its drivers via social media.