The Maille Mustard Mobile Embarks On National Taste Tour

Maille Mustard Mobile

French brand Maille has set the Dijon Mustard standard for more than 265 years and now plans to convert America as well, sending its Maille Mustard Mobile on a national tour. Whether popping up in city centers, parking at food-centric events, or partnering with local restaurants and stores, Maille’s first-of-its-kind mustard-bar-on-wheels will serve up complimentary tastings from a sleek and stylish electric vehicle. A custom-designed sampling bar will serve up Maille mustard varietals including Dijon Originale, Old Style, Honey Dijon, Horseradish, and Rich Country alongside the brand’s crunchy Cornichons. Mustard fans will have the opportunity to compose their own palette of Dijon flavors, compare tastes, and choose their favorites. With its signature black and gold colors, the chic and contemporary Maille Mustard Mobile will be easy to spot when it rolls into each location. Lucky tasters will have the chance to win a three-day culinary and cultural adventure in Paris for two while additional winners will score a year’s supply of Maille mustard.