Tide Purclean Tree

P&G wanted a custom display to generate retailer excitement around new Tide purclean to drive incremental product placement in-store. The display was constructed completely out of Falcon Board and corrugate so it was 100% recyclable after use. The displays shipped fully assembled and packed with 24, 75 FL OZ bottles of product so no in-store assembly was required. This display won the Gold OMA in the General Merchandise Category, and Display of The Year, Semi-Permanent, and was created for Procter & Gamble by Arc Worldwide, 35 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, 60601; (Web Site) www.arcww.com

Wizards of the Coast Kaladesh Thopters & Airships Display

The purpose of these unique hanging displays was to “own the sky” and introduce the new Magic the Gathering World of Kaladesh to gaming enthusiasts. The intricate design mirrored actual airships and Thopters from the game, and the 3-D structure allowed them to come to life when hanging from the store ceiling. Stores were supplied with a kit containing eight displays, each digitally printed and constructed from corrugate material. These unique hanging displays won the Gold OMA in the Entertainment, Games & Toys category, Semi-Permanent, and was created for Wizards of the Coast by Bennett Packaging & Displays, 220 NW Space Center Cir, Lees Summit, MO 64064; (Web Site) www.BennettKC.com

McKee Foods Muffin Cart And Baker Display

This eye catching display plays off of the popular nursery rhyme. A small footprint shoppable from 4 sides with clean lines and coordinating colors between the standee and cart was required. Being set up by independent distributors, the ease of assembly and elimination of non-corrugated components were an important part of this products introduction to the market place. This display won the Gold OMA, in the Mass Grocery category and was created for McKee Foods by Interstate Display Connection, 131 West Commercial Ave. Moonachie, NJ 07074; (Web Site) www.interstatecontainer.com

This Brow Transformation End Cap display presents the entire Benefit’s Brow Collection to shoppers at Ulta Beauty

A ‘cosmetic-styled suitcase’ on the top shelf showcased products that could be easily located in designated bins on the shelves below. This display won the Gold OMA in the Cosmetics & Fragrances category and Display of the Year, Permanent, and was created for Benefit Cosmetics by Rapid Displays, 4300 West 47th Street, Chicago, IL 60632; (Web Site) www.rapiddisplays.com

Frito-Lay Halloween Pumpkin Perimeter

The goal was to drive purchase and conversation around the Cheetos Bag of Bones snacks by creating a solution that tapped into everyone’s recognition of the Halloween Holiday. This was achieved by developing a larger than life 3-D 360 degree Pumpkin. An arched handle, and overall “curved” product holding sections with rounded sides achieved the solution. The Frito-Lay Halloween Pumpkin Perimeter display won the Gold OMA in the Snack Products category, and was created for Frito-Lay by Menasha Display, 1645 Bergstrom Road, Neenah, WI 54956; (Web Site) www.menasha.com

DeWalt FlexVolt Home Depot Endcap

DeWalt’s introduction of the FlexVolt series of cordless tools required an impactful endcap. This interactive kiosk features an interactive 13-inch HD LCD screen, hands on product interaction with the tool which were tethered securely to the display. The display also featured a giant, vacuum formed replica of a FlexVolt battery. The DeWalt FlexVolt Home Depot Endcap won the Gold OMA in the Home & Garden category and was created by Imageworks Display, 415 Wachovia St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101; (Web Site) www.imageworksdisplay.com

Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator Display

Whirlpool launched its industry-changing French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerators and needed an in-store shopper experience that was equally as innovative. Digital interactivity transformed a regular refrigerator into an appliance floor game changer for over 2,200 Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Best Buy and other stores. The refrigerator was systematically disassembled to convert the entire back wall into a custom 65″ interactive monitor. A completely new electronic ecosystem helped drive engagement, powering mini-PCs and sensors that respond to shopper interaction. Once the doors were open, the 65″ screen animation took over and invited the shopper to interact with sliding shelves or pressing digital buttons for more information. This display won the Gold OMA in the Home & Garden category, and was created by Darko, 2026 Summit Commerce PK, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (Web Site) www.darkoinc.com

Paw Patrol Entry Wall Display at Toys “R” Us

Paw Patrol had a vision to create an inviting environment for families to come and be part of the Paw Patrol in-store experience by taking a picture and posting a #pawmoment. Layers of brightly colored foam core character images over a corrugate background scene engaged the target market of young children, combined with the large scale of the display to bring Paw Patrol to life in a store environment. Spinmaster received over 600 #pawmoment photos and Toys “R” Us continued to over-index for weeks after the launch. This display won the Gold OMA in the Specialty Retailers and Services category and was created by Orora Visual, 3210 Innovative Way, Mesquite, TX 75149; (Web Site) www.ororavisual.com

Fred’s Battery Center End Cap Display

Fred Discount Stores in the Southeast United States made a significant step-change in their Battery Category Sales by reintroducing Duracell to its product lineup. A large 4′ wide End Cap Display was developed that resembled a Duracell Coppertop 9 volt battery. As the Coppertop was the signpost for the Battery Category, the black shelving and side panels combined with the copper colored header attracted shopper’s attention. Created by New Dimensions Research, 260 Spagnoli Road, Melville, NY 11747; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.ndrc.com

Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Holiday Duo Endcap

The goal was to create a display to help promote Sally Hansen Miracle gel duo packs in PJC stores and London Drugs. To accomplish this, a floor stand display was created, using shelf spacing that allowed easy access and maximum visibility to the product, even on lower shelves. The graphics were simple and reflected the brand’s premium look, without detracting from the product itself. Created by Menasha Display, 1645 Bergstrom Road, Neenah, WI 54956; Silver Award. (Web Site) www.menasha.com

Bragi Dash Pallet Display

This display was created for the launch of the Dash Bluetooth Wireless Headset. The display needed to showcase the actual product, outside of the packaging, and include a video monitor that would play an educational video loop. The display was produced using corrugated sheets that were digitally printed and converted and included a sourced video display monitor and acrylic cast to showcase the product components. Created by Bennett Packaging & Displays, 220 NW Space Center Cir, Lees Summit, MO 64064; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.bennettkc.com

Amazon Display for Lowe’s

This display demonstrates Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition technology and how it activates other products. The Amazon Echo & Echo Dot portal devices as well as partner products from Ecobee and Sylvania were all included in the platform. The end-cap design launched Amazon’s Echo devices at Lowe’s while highlighting key companion devices and creating excitement surrounding the fast growing Home Automation (HA) category. Created by Darko, 2026 Summit Commerce Park, Twinsburg, OH 44202; Silver Award. (Web Site) www.darkoinc.com

Rite in the Rain Floor Display

The objective for this temporary floor display was to increase sales at Office Depot by allowing shoppers to test the Rite in the Rain product. The display needed to hold an array of products; from pens to copier paper packs. It had to be sturdy and designed to survive at retail for up to two months, while communicating to those that see a need for weatherproof paper products. Created by CaroCon Display & Packaging, 401 Model Farm Rd., High Point NC 27263; Silver Award.(Web Site) www.caroconusa.com

Pinnacle EVOO Launch Floor Displays.

This impactful display for Wishbone helped build trial and brand awareness for new product lines and a new bottle design. The new bottle shape was used to create a larger than life display that brought the execution to life and commanded attention in aisle. Graphics made sure to call out the familiar components of the brand to attract loyal brand followers to the new offerings. Displays were sent completely assembled and filled with product for easy execution and resulted in excellent placement percentages. Created by Great Northern, 1800 South Street, Racine, WI 54912; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.greatnorthern.com

LG Range with Pro-Bake Convection™ Display

This display adds a sleek, contemporary look along with a chance for shoppers to engage with the product at retail in a kitchen-like setting. With the LG brand logo prominently displayed and illuminated on the header, this innovative display features a video wall demonstrating how the advanced convection oven operates, along with cooking demonstrations, and product features. Shoppers can choose from various video content, which allows them to watch how the pro-bake convection performs, compared to the traditional convection system. Created by Design Phase, 1771 South Lakeside Dr., Waukegan, IL 60085; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.dphase.com

American Crew Guitar Case Display

The eye-catching American Crew Guitar Case permanent display is an Elvis Presley-themed, hand-crafted guitar case made from faux leather. The 1950’s style acoustic guitar display presented American Crew hair products with a look and feel that created a resounding impact with consumers. The interior of the display featured photos of Elvis Presley to create strong brand recognition through a pop culture and rock icon. The Elvis Presley themed guitar case display delivered a high level of interest and interaction with the products and showcased the brand with a stylish and timeless quality. Created by OSI Creative, 185 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA 92618; Silver Award. (Web Site) www.osicreative.com

Under Armour Academy Outdoor

This four sided floor display was created to increase brand awareness and higher sell through to smaller chain and specialty stores. The cost of a display used in larger chains was reduced by reducing the size and number of SKUs held without compromising the quality appearance and graphic impact of the display. A corrugated form was created that attached to the main display body. This hidden structure supported the graphics rounded shape and kept it suspended off the floor two inches. By reducing the height of the graphic panels, they were able to print the form on a smaller press which reduced overall unit costs.Created by CaroCon Display & Packaging, 401 Model Farm Road, High Point NC 27263; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.caroconusa.com

Walmart Neighborhood Market Battery Center Display

Walmart wanted a Front-Of-Store End Cap Display adjacent to the cash registers that would generate impulse sales of batteries. The new Battery Center had to allow for quick shopper visibility and physical access to multiple battery options without obstructing the shopper’s sightline to open vs. closed cash register lanes. This new design had to also be consistent with the look of the new Walmart Supercenter Battery Centers and provide improved ROI. The high gloss black styrene finish gives this Battery Center a distinctive look apart from the balance of black wire fixturing at the Front Cash Registers. Gravity-fed injection molded shelves provide self-product fronting of the better selling Alkaline Batteries. Created by New Dimensions Research, 260 Spagnoli Road Melville, NY 11747; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.ndrc.com

Altec Lansing’s Everything Proof Bluetooth Speakers Display

Altec Lansing wanted an updated interactive display that could demonstrate four different speakers in Best Buy stores. This next generation Altec Lansing’s Everything Proof Bluetooth Speakers display is fully interactive and also has an imitation water tank highlighting the Mini H2O speakers’ ability to float. Each speaker can be individually activated, along with the ability to demonstrate the ability to pair 2 of the Boom Jacket speakers together. This pairing feature is further highlighted by chasing LED lights. The speakers are mounted to a distortion printed vacuum form base highlighting how the speakers can be used on a beach, mountain or in the water. Created by Spectas; P.O. Box 22067, Chattanooga, TN 37422; Bronze Award. spectas.global/

Michael’s Back to School Displays

Michael’s required a merchandising system to hold a wide variety of Back to School products while keeping display costs down. Set-up of the displays had to be fast, but the displays had to be robust enough to potentially be reused in future seasonal programs. A patent-pending QuickSet Hutch display was engineered to quickly assemble in-store. It unfolded from flat to fully formed in 2 seconds and included a support bar to provide over 50 pounds of holding capacity per shelf. Bright red displays were chosen that stood out against their normal interior and maximized space with bold headers. Created by Great Northern; 1800 South Street, Racine, WI 54912; Silver Award. (Web Site) www.greatnorthern.com

Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear Too Cool for School Counter Unit

Sally Hansen wanted a display to help promote Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish and treatments. To accomplish this, a unique two-step paper counter display was created, allowing for 6 back and 6 across placement of the bottles, and treatments in boxes placed on the right. This allowed easy access and maximum visibility to the product, elevating them from the base level. The graphics included the colors and shade placement to offer easy guidance and a premium look, and to make product restock a snap. Created by Menasha Display, 1645 Bergstrom Road, Neenah, WI 54956; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.menasha.com

Sports Team Specific Sunglasses Pallet Display

This visually appealing display was placed in Sam’s club to promote and sell team-branded sunglasses (MLB and NCAA Division I Football). The display was to include an interactive component that would allow shoppers to try on the sunglasses, and see how they fit. Only by utilizing a large-format, direct-to-sheet digital press, team-specific product cards and pallet displays were produced and then placed in appropriate regional markets. Created by Bennett Packaging & Displays, 220 NW Space Center Cir, Lees Summit, MO 64064; Bronze Award. (Web Site) www.bennettkc.com

Bear Archery Crossbow Display

Bear Archery Crossbow Display Bear Archery needed a standalone display capable of holding different models of crossbows. The display would hold the newly launched Bear X crossbow product. The display needed to have a technically advanced look and an area for accessories. The display need to connect with any shopper looking for fun or sport. The shopper should feel comfortable interacting with the display and the products. Created by Universal Display, 726 East Highway 121 Lewisville, TX 75057; Silver Award. (Web Site) www.udfc.com

Nabisco Holiday Lobby Display

Nabisco wanted to break through the retail clutter with unique displays that connected Nabisco products with the excitement of holiday gifting to communicate the possibilities inside every Nabisco package. Using larger-than-life gift boxes with delicious recipes seeming to float from the top, Nabisco encouraged shoppers to “unwrap the delight” found in every package of cookies and crackers. Blinking lights and decorative bows were used to draw shoppers’ attention to the recipes and sweepstakes information. Created by Eastwest Marketing Group, 575 8th Avenue, Suite 2114, New York, NY 10018; Silver Award. (Web Site) www.eastwestmg.com