Outwater introduces Fabric Flex/SEG Frames. Fabric Flex/SEG frames and fabric are cost effective to ship and install unlike traditional, rigid advertisements because they ship unassembled. The Fabric Graphics can be installed seamlessly in single sided, double sided or square displays and can be customized to any customer specified size. The aluminum frames are less visible than traditional framing options, and don’t distract from the printed message. Having no sew line, the modern looking displays house graphics that can be updated easily, subsequently further decreasing overall costs. Outwater offers 4 foot X 8 foot, 5 foot X 6 foot, 6 foot x 6 foot or 8 foot x 10 foot frame sizes. For more information, contact Outwater Plastics, 24 River Road, Bogota, NJ 07603; (Web Site) www.outwater.com