Customized for Best Buy, this 24 and 16 foot wall display for LG Electronics features a collection of five LG monitors, three sound system choices, and an easy-to-use, interactive touch screen panel. Utilizing high-end material and lighting, the LG Wall display was able to combine all of the LG products in one large, impactful footprint. The centrally located interactive panel gives shoppers and Best Buy salespeople the ability to present, experience and compare product choices by choosing from a collection of visual and audio content. To attract customers, the LG Wall featured a coordinated brand message and a visually captivating synchronized screen presentation. The display technology integrates the latest in content presentation and management, utilizing Best Buy’s in-store Ethernet system, so content for all stores could be updated from a remote location. The LG Experience Wall was created by Design Phase,1771 South Lakeside Drive, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)