Eastman is using this display to demonstrate its Paint Protection Film (PPF) to motivate car buyers to purchase the PPF option. Using the brass bristle brush on the right of the facsimile hood, the shopper is encouraged to scratch away on the hood, which has been covered with the PPF. Then, with the customer watching closely, the sales person pushes the red button; activating the heating element positioned directly under the hood. As the temperature of the hood elevates to the 110 degree threshold, the scratches disappear. All UL approved components (driven by a low voltage power supply) are utilized in the display design, including a thermostatic shut-off at 110 degrees on the heating element and a safety over-ride that prevents activation for 90 seconds after plug in, ensuring a ‘cool down’ period of at least 60 seconds between heating cycles. This display was created by Trans World Marketing, 360 Murray Hill Parkway, East Rutherford NJ 07073; (Web Site) www.transworldmarketing.com