Acosta Profiles Natural & Organic Shoppers

In recent years, the natural and organics category has seen significant growth, but today’s natural/organics shoppers are drastically different than they were less than a decade ago, according to “The Rise of the Natural/Organic Shopper,” a new study from Acosta Research.
“Not so long ago, shoppers interested in natural and organic food had to seek out specialty stores to find the items they wanted,” said Colin Stewart, Sr. V.P. at Acosta. “Now, not only has the growing popularity of non- or minimally processed food fed the rise of major specialty retailers, it is also transforming product development and grocery retail across various channels as the profiles of natural and organic shoppers evolve.”
Millennials purchase natural/organic food most frequently, with on average 60% of their food baskets containing half or more natural/organic products. GenXers are second to Millennials with 34% of their purchases consisting of natural/organic products. Of shoppers with baskets that contain 50% or more natural/organic items, 64% have children.
“Must have” natural/organic items for organic purchasers include produce (60%), dairy (50%), juice (47%), meat (46%) and snacks (44%). Natural/organic health and beauty care items and condiments are “must haves” for only 33%.