Acosta Research Reveals Experiential Evolution For Grocery Shoppers

New research released in the 13th edition of The Why? Behind The Buy™ from Acosta Research details the choices and behaviors of grocery shoppers as they look to enhance how they purchase and consume food.
“The experiential factor is driving today’s shoppers to make food choices rooted in what will bring them personal satisfaction and enjoyment,” said Colin Stewart, Sr. V.P. at Acosta. “It’s important that brands and retailers think about how their product offerings contribute to grocery shoppers’ positive experiences from the moment the item is spotted on the store shelf to when it reaches their kitchen tables.”
Shoppers’ spending on healthy products, including natural/organic offerings, has seen steady growth in the past several years, driven by the desire of shoppers to feel good about the foods they’re eating. Forty-five percent of shoppers eat healthy foods even though they are more expensive. Thirty-eight percent of shoppers agree, “I often buy natural/organic products because I know they are better for me.” On a typical shopping trip, Millennial shoppers indicated that 39% of the items in their grocery carts were organic products, while total U.S. shoppers indicated just over 25% of the items in their typical carts were organic products. Thirty-seven percent of shoppers want their grocery brands to be transparent about their ingredients, processing or production. Thirty-five percent of shoppers buy grocery brands that are socially responsible.