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Advertiser Name Fax
20X20 Display Company 614-829-6317
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Advertiser Name Fax
4 Sizzle 602-926-2552
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Advertiser Name Fax
A List Wood Works, Inc. 508-234-5444
A.G.A. Displays & Fixtures 562-999-1242
A.G.T. Products 630-543-1595
Above All Advertising 858-777-3537
Accurate Metal Fabricating 773-235-3633
Acrylic Designs 802-886-8581
Adder America 650-483-6863
Advanced Innovative Technologies 770-479-4179
Advantage Fixtures 877-505-0804
Air Brands-Dynamic Displays 519-258-0767
Alluma Tech 800-425-5862
Alpina Manufacturing LLC 800-217-9431
AMD Industries 708-863-2065
Applied Advertising 860-640-0800
Ardent Displays & Packaging 860-920-5112
Armstrong/Alar Inc. 847-808-8895
Art-Phyl Creations 305-822-2905
Artisan Complete 905-475-6913
Asia Sources Inc. 503-747-3332
Assembly and Production Solutions LLC 845-781-3184
Avante Display 250.497.5442
Azar Display International 845-624-7156
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Advertiser Name Fax
B.M.B. Fasteners 973-256-0032
Barrel Mill 320-356-9131
Becker Communications 715-298-4466
Beemak IDL Display Products 310-764-0330
Bierson Corp. 541-664-7404
Blanc Display Group 973-537-0906
M.F. Blouin LLC 603-742-9539
Bradbury Barrel Company 207-429-8188
Brand Trim 252-492-5067
Bright White Paper Co. 904-375-1662
Bristol Aluminum 215-946-3302
Brumark 770-933-9809
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Advertiser Name Fax
Callenor Company Inc. 262-252-3873
Carocon Display & Packaging 336-883-7576
Centsible Lighting 702-380-8005
Chemetal 413-529-0721
Clegg Industries 800-250-9851
Clip Strip Corp 201-342-1438
Coastal Woodworks 207-563-1055
Constant Force USA 502-491-3327
Coolio 905-331-6332
Cornerstone Display Group, Inc. 661-705-1717
Counterpoint 877-579-8901
Corrugated Components 708-563-2331
Corrugated Components 708-563-2331
Creative Plastics 706-529-5374
Crown Metal Products 630-279-9807
Custom Color 913-730-3100
Custom Design, Inc. 401-294-0200
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Advertiser Name Fax
Darko 330-425-8674
Data Display 215-677-2009
Deco-Sign Products 800-638-7925
Design Phase 847-473-0933
Designshop 407-251-1606
Diamond Marketing 262-241-5323
Diesel Displays 469 718 0488
Digital Graphic Systems 305-626-9048
Display Connection 201-438-2224
Display Marketing Group 631-348-4584
Display Products 323-268-8262
DisplayMax Merchandising 810-494-0410
Displays by Martin Paul 940-458-4229
DLC Lumisheet 905-479-0201
Do-it Corp. 269-637-7223
DSA/Phototech 310-537-7060
Dt Prototype 86-755-27361090
Duco Technologies 702-451-6360
Dunning Displays 603-445-5591
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Advertiser Name Fax
E-B Display Co. 330-833-9844
Empire Packaging & Display 310-604-4880
Englander Dzignpak 254-776-1213
Enhance America 314-630-0549
Essentra Specialty Tapes 866-800-0775
Excel Displays & Packaging 630-896-3610
ExpoSystems Canada 416-291-0383
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Advertiser Name Fax
Fastenation 800-758-5424
Feiner Supply 800-746-5613
Flexcon 508-885-8400
Flexi Display Marketing 248-616-0485
Focus Display Group 858-695-9503
Foga 800-888-3315
Frank Mayer & Associates 262-377-3449
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Advertiser Name Fax
Gator Plastics 305-822-2905
Gavi Point Of Purchase 847-277-0012
GEI Graphics 630-595-0400
Geograph Industries Inc. 513-202-9299
Global Display Solution 503-296-8454
Global Marketing Group 201-475-7755
Gorrie Marketing Group 905-290-5000
Great Northern Corp. 262-681-5282
Gyford Standoff Systems 775-829-1331
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Advertiser Name Fax
H&M Recruiting Group 201-479-4966
Hal-O Chain Co. 973-824-4047
Hangsall 847-233-9603
Hang-Ups Unlimited 800-426-4877
Hankscraft, Inc. 608-524-4342
Harbor Industries 616-842-1385
Henschel-Steinau 800-526-0133
Heritage Sign & Display 570-645-2178
Hexacomb 855-439-2266
Hi-Impact Products 514-426-1634
Holography Box 305-203-0660
Hopp Companies 516-358-4178
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Advertiser Name Fax
Imageworks Display 336-750-0035
Immedia 612-524-3421
Impact Innovations 320-847-1435
Industrial Image 770-205-6858
Inflatable 2000 Inc. 626-969-4480
Inflatable Images Inc. 330-273-3212
Insight Resource Group 925-254-4124
In-Store Experience 203-249-0569
Intercept Corp. 218-829-8636
Integrated Wood Components, Inc. 607-467-2035
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Advertiser Name Fax
J-2 Consulting 913-422-5337
JJ&A 818-543-6710
Janis Plastics 847-838-0200
Jet Plastics 323-268-8262
Johnson Bros. Metal Forming 708-449-0042
Joseph Struhl Co., Inc. 516-742-3617
Justman Packaging & Display 323-727-7777
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Advertiser Name Fax
Keith Fabry Reprographic Solutions 804 649-1306
Keller Products 603-627-3110
Keystone Display 815-648-4248
Kielbik 630-271-0235
Kinter 847-623-0105
Klem 973-916-1640
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Advertiser Name Fax
Landaal Packaging Systems 810-223-0605
Leding Edge Lighting 805-383-8493
LedConn 714-528-6322
Light Craft Manufacturing 419-332-0987
Litco International 330-539-5388
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Advertiser Name Fax
Machine Star LLC 616 245-6400
Mack Studio Displays 315-252-7586
Maine Bucket Co. 207-784-0939
Marketing Alliance Group 706-277-9707
Marketing Impact Ltd 905-738-1334
Martin Paul 940-458-4229
Masonways Indestructible Plastics 561-478-8775
Master Magnetics Inc. 303-688-5303
Matrix Frame 704-393-7970
May Group International 800-800-4629
McIntyre Metals 336-476-3622
McMenimen & Associates 262-377-9950
Measa Displays 866-657-2919
Menasha Packaging Company 215-739-0990
Merchandising Inventives 847-499-3005
Metaline Manufacturing 732-727-0272
Metomic Corp 773-247-2563
Micro Industries 800-722-1842
Midcon 262-886-4851
Midway Displays Inc. 708-563-2331
Milford Enterprises 215-538-2778
Mirart Inc. 954-974-8442
Moffat Wire & Display 630-458-8556
Moldrite Products 262-521-2424
Monarch Plastics 856 778-9032
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Advertiser Name Fax
Nashville Display Mfg. Co. 615-244-4368
Nationwide Displays 631-467-2034
New Business Solutions 631-397-0637
New Dimensions Research 631-694-1356
New York Seminar Center 800-326-5494
Newood Display Fixture Mfg. Co. 541-688-5868
Northern Metal Products 320-252-2832
Nutis Press 614-338-2275
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Advertiser Name Fax
October Company 413-527-0091
OEC GRAPHICS 920-235-2252
OnDisplay Creative 323-850-5798
Orbis Corp. 262-560-5941
OSI Creative 800-899-4990
Outwater Plastics 800-888-3315
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Advertiser Name Fax
Packaging Concepts Limited 401-334-4646
Packaging Technologies 905-738-6182
Packaging Unlimited 502-515-3900
Packagingarts 707-562-2799
Palmer Retail Solutions 586-772-4418
Panel Processing 989-356-9000
Pinquist Tool And Die Co., Inc. 718-349-3168
Plas Tech Extrusions 705-727-0339
Plastic Power Corp. 847-233-9603
Plastifab 514-567-7858
Point 1 Display 514-344-1643
POS Tuning 302-482-1598
POPCO, Inc 952-352-9474
Preferred Display Inc. 973-405-5157
Prodigy Group 973-364-0353
ProPrint Services Inc. 416-754-3119
Purchase Point Design 312-953-4131
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Advertiser Name Fax
RPG 212-399-9135
Radius 972-406-1221
Rapid Displays 773-927-6446
Reality Interactive, LLC 860-346-2700
Regal Display 405-787-3211
Register Lithographers 973-916-2804
Retail Solution Center 516-771-7001
Ribbonleds.com 608-524-4341
Rocket Production 866-682-8811
RockTenn 973-339-2094
RPP Display 847-240-0202
Ruszel Woodworks 707-745-2793
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Advertiser Name Fax
Sava Industries, Inc. 973-835-0877
Se-Kure Controls, Inc. 847-288-9999
Semasys Inc. 713-869-9173
Sennco Solutions Inc. 815-577-3460
Shannen Promotions Inc. 212-972-7943
Shark Skin Design 612-296-0785
Shelf Talkers 905-279-0390
Sightline Display 616-942-2637
Signum Inc. 440-248-23233
Simplestand 330-486-0610
Smart Packaging Systems 512-997-8620
Sonoco Display & Packaging 201-612-4010
Southern Imperial Inc. 815-877-8138
Spark Your Brand 440-247-1555
Standex Structural 818-365-6465
Sunbelt Plastic Extrusions 478-922-4265
Swiveline 502-582-6038
Synsor Corp. 425-551-1313
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Advertiser Name Fax
T.M. Shea Products, Inc. 248-589-1535
Team Kingsley 618-797-9951
Testrite Visual Products, Inc. 201-543-2195
Thorco 417-682-3247
Trans World Marketing 201-559-1999
Treefrog Veneer 413-529-0721
Treso Lighting 800-227-1171
Trinity LLC 732-549-5521
Trion Industries Inc. 570-823-4080
Tri-State Aluminum 732-667-5600
Trumari 425-917-0197
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Advertiser Name Fax
U.S. Display Group 931-454-1058
Ultraflex Systems 973-627-8506
Ultra Vista Systems 310-464-2977
Urway Kiosks 866-266-3104
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Advertiser Name Fax
Vanguard Visual Grafix 843-761-1862
Versa Trak 502-491-3327
VKF RENZEL USA CORP. 847-228-9801
Visual Citi Inc. 631-321-1058
Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. 215-721-1739
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Advertiser Name Fax
W/M Group 773-254-3188
Walls + Forms 972-239-0089
Weems Group, LLC 440-930-2404
Welded Fixtures, Inc. 562-907-7009
Wetzel Brothers, Inc. 414-271-3758
White Oak Display & Design 717-665-4744
Wire Worx Displays 416-675-5545
World Class Displays 319-395-0520
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Advertiser Name Fax
XP Retail 704-393-7970

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Advertiser Name Fax
ZLux 720-279-9595
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Advertiser Name Fax
20X20 Display Company 614-829-6317
Dynapac Rotating Co. 801-485-2254
Expand International of America 203-870-2034
ExpoSystems Canada 416-291-0383
Feiner Supply 800-746-5613
Foga 800-888-3315
Nationwide Displays 631-467-2034
New World Case 508-278-5432
Testrite Visual Products, Inc. 201-543-2195
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Advertiser Name Fax
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Advertiser Name Fax
Abbott Industries 718-739-0937
Acme Specialties, Inc. 215-822-1499
Alpina Manufacturing LLC 800-217-9431
Callenor Company Inc. 262-252-3873
Clip Strip Corp 201-342-1438
Corrugated Components 708-563-2331
Do-it Corp. 269-637-7223
Gyford StandOff Systems 775-829-1331
Hall Manufacturing 973-748-1410
Hang-Ups Unlimited 800-426-4877
Hunter Display 516-475-5950
Intercept Corp. 218-829-8636
Joseph Struhl Co., Inc. 516-742-3617
Kinter 847-623-0105
Lineco, Inc. 800-298-7815
Marketing Impact Ltd 905-738-1334
Merchandising Inventives 847-499-3005
Metkote Laminated Products Inc 570-562-0107
Midway Displays Inc. 708-563-2331
Polytec Plastics, Inc. 630-584-8294
RNR Plastics Inc. 508-821-3637
Royal Display Corp. 860-344-1045
Testrite Visual Products, Inc. 201-543-2195
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To request more information about the advertisers listed above, please check off their listings and fill out this form.

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Independent Rep Wanted

Sandy, Inc. is a 60 year old manufacturer of custom P-O-P displays. We have creative and experienced in-house designers and we need great salespeople to sell their fabulous designs.

A proven track record of selling displays is preferred.

The right person will be rewarded with an attractive commission.

E-mail resume to
or call1-800-677-6351

Point-of-Purchase Sales Professional

Los Angeles, California


Generate new business opportunities in electronic, retail fashion, cosmetic and food/beverage industry. Current client
relationships preferable


• Create strategy for pursuing new client
• Develop new client contacts through
cold calling
• Grow and maintain client relationships
through face-to-face communication
• Flexibility in selling from temporary to
permanent materials
• Offer excellent customer service


Bachelor degree from college or university


• 3-5 years in Point-of-Purchase selling
• Proven track record in sales

• Personable, dynamic, and positive
• Driven and results oriented
• Have ability to meet and exceed sales
• Ability to establish and maintain client
• Ability to think outside the box
• Strong/verbal and written skills
• Strong problem solving skills
• Works well with others

E-mail: hr@jjapop.com

Point-of-Purchase Sales Professional

PCL Fixtures Inc., an award winning full
service permanent POP display company, is expanding. At our
Lincoln, Rhode Island facility, a team of POP professionals fabricates, molds, CNC routes and laser cuts multiple
materials such as plastic, metal, and wood. We are seeking candidates with a minimum of 3 years industry experience in the following areas:

• Account Manager,
with an established
customer base in the
POP industry
• Designer (2D and 3D)
• Project Engineer/
• Production Manager

If you are innovative, passionate, and strive
for excellence, please send a resume and cover letter for a confidential
interview to

Donald Budnick:

Business for sale or merger cooperation

In POP industry for many years with distribution/representation in U.S. Canada, Europe, South America.

Would like to connect with company in same industry to see how our mission resources can complement their business.

We are interested in talking with principles only and will reply to your contact information.

Reply to:

Creative Magazine, Box 500, 31 Merrick Ave., Merrick NY 11566, info@creativemag.com

Executive Rescruiters

The Weems Group, LLC is an innovative North American executive search and management consulting firm specializing in the P-O-P, Store Fixture and Packaging Industries.

TWG’s mission is to help clients and candidates achieve their objectives by matching the right candidate with the right organization to create “the perfect fit.”

A major challenge in any business is finding, recruiting and retaining productive talent appropriate for their organization.
TWG’s Eight Step Process is designed to match clients and candidates to help them achieve their business and career objectives.

“Success will be achieved through respecting all persons and acting ethically at all times.”

TWG is An Equal Opportunity Firm

P.O. Box 27
Avon Lake, OH 44012
P. 440.933.4325
F. 440.930.2404

Point-of-Purchase Sales

AGA Displays is a market leading supplier of retail display solutions with an unrivalled reputation for delivering projects with innovation, to budget & on time.

Project Manager (POP / Display / Fixture) – US (East Coast).

AGA is seeking a Project management professional from within the Point Of Sale sector.

The Candidate must either have good understanding of displays & their construction or demonstrate transferable knowledge / skillset.
Must be able to demonstrate a proven track record of ability to perform both a customer facing support role & effective project management.

The candidate will be a “self starter” able to work on their own initiative providing back-up to the sales team. Must be comfortable with working from a home office.

Working knowledge of MS office required. (Outlook, Excel, Word etc)

Marketing (Press releases, adverts, web, tradeshow) experience a plus.

This is an opportunity to join a fast growing business that is both passionate and creative in its approach to the marketplace.

Package negotiable on experience.

For further information please send resume and cover letter to careers@agadisplays.com

New Business Sales (POP / Display / Fixture) – US Midwest, South East, West Coast

Now looking to hold confidential discussions with new business orientated sales professionals from within the Point Of Purchase sector.

The Candidate must already be operating in the Permanent / Semi-Permanent POP/Retail display sector and be able to demonstrate a proven track record of gaining new business wins, selling to a wide range of corporations.

As a dedicated Sales Professional, you will be able to show commitment, high market awareness and the ability to solution sell in a strategic and structured manner.

In return you will receive exceptional sales and system support with the facility to provide a true full service retail solution.

This is an opportunity to join a fast growing business that is passionate and creative in its approach to the marketplace and who will provide you with the solutions and innovations required to build upon your existing sales successes.

Package negotiable on experience.

For further information please send resume and cover letter to careers@agadisplays.com


Account Executive Manager

Southern California

We have a unique opportunity for an experienced sales professional with a proven track record in the POP and/ or Retail Merchandising field. If you want to join an award winning design and manufacturing team that’s sole purpose is to make you and your client look outstanding and surpass all expectations, then it is time that we talk.

We need an experienced producer that understands what it takes to not only develop and manage clients but more importantly how to communicate your client’s retail merchandising and/or retail environment challenges and objectives so that our team of designers, engineers, customer service and logistics professionals will Make It Happen and exceed all expectations.

Cornerstone Display Group, Inc. has an outstanding and industry respected 20 year track record of designing and manufacturing Permanent/Semi-Permanent/Store Retail Environments and Fixtures for a diversified array of clients and retailers. Let’s explore the possibilities of working together by sending us your resume so that you can become part of the CDG team.

Cornerstone Display Group, Inc.

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