Alloy LED Displays Multiple Products

Alloy LED manufactures and distributes high quality LED lighting solutions. It sought to establish its presence in lighting showrooms nationwide by providing an easy-to-set-up, interactive lighting display.
A steel and MDF tower was developed that featured an array of their LED products which can be switched on all at once or activated one at a time. RGBW Color Remote LED Strips are adhered to the back of a swinging, frosted-acrylic door which produces diffused light while still allowing the LED strips to be visible to the customer. The RGBW LED strip is mounted below the header and can be controlled with a secured interactive color spectrum touchpad to demonstrate the range of LED colors. The top half of the unit can function as a standalone countertop display.
The Alloy LED Retail Display was created by Concept Designs, (, a Palo Alto, CA-based p.o.p. display firm.