Anheuser-Busch Collaborates With Sprint & Mesh Systems On New Tap Technology


In bars and restaurants around the country, touchdowns will be celebrated in a new and unique way: with Bud Light and Budweiser beer tap handles and neon lights that flash and display dynamic messages every time the home team hits pay dirt in the end zone as the result of a collaboration between Anheuser-Busch, Sprint and Mesh Systems.

“As the leading sponsor in football, Anheuser-Busch is always looking for ways to enhance our fans’ experience,” said Lucas Herscovici, V.P., Anheuser-Busch consumer connections. “When you’re out with friends it’s exciting when all these tap handle lights start flashing when your team scores. It’s as if the bar or restaurant itself is celebrating with you.”

Since then, the tap handles have been enhanced with technology that allows them to display a dynamic message based on the sport and team. Restaurant and bar managers can also program them to display specific promotional messages. They taps will also interact with social media platforms. More than 8,000 of these taps are expected to be in place this year.