AT&T Opens San Francisco Flagship

AT&T has opened a new flagship store in San Francisco. The building may be one of the oldest in downtown San Francisco, but the technology inside is cutting edge. The new store shows how AT&T is changing the face of retail to meet customers’ needs.
The first floor gives customers a dynamic retail experience. A cable car greets visitors inside the door. The entrance shows the one-of-a-kind, 48 ft.-by-5 ft. NanoLumens electric canvas displaying original art. On the second floor, guests enjoy a tech playground with interactive displays. They can get hands-on with DIRECTV. They can see what life is like with a connected bike, walk through a kitchen to see how our technology might notify them about a leaky dishwasher – complete with virtual water, and check out a connected car.
“The customer experience was the first thing we thought about as we designed this space and as we thought about the staffing model for this store. Everything that is within this store was built so that a customer could come in and be led by a brand ambassador to experience everything – or lead themselves,” said Stefanie Ball, Director, Retail Execution. “We have over 50 brand ambassadors that are going to be working in this location.”