Bushmills Introduces ‘BUSHMILLS RED BUSH’

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has launched BUSHMILLS RED BUSH, the newest addition to the range of malt-rich, blended whiskeys. Matured in bourbon casks for a refined and exceptionally balanced flavor, the liquid appeals to both bourbon enthusiasts and those new to Irish whiskey. BUSHMILLS RED BUSH launches first in the United States as a testament to the exponential growth the Irish whiskey category has experienced in America in recent years.
“While we’ve been innovating with our aged whiskeys for centuries, we’re excited to embark on a journey with the millennial drinker,” said Colum Egan, Master Distiller at The Old Bushmills Distillery. “Maturing the whiskey exclusively in first fill bourbon barrels creates a mildly sweet and extremely smooth spirit that will resonate with frequent bourbon fans and first time Irish whiskey drinkers.”