Prestone used this exhibit at the recent SEMA Show. The objective was to create a strong, impactful statement about Prestone as a stand-alone brand, and keep the products themselves at the core of the design concept. Prestone product elevation was at the forefront of the exhibit. Antifreeze and other engine fluid were displayed in a way that highlighted their vital role and enticingly colorful nature. Mounted on the product displays were engine blueprints etched into glass – lit from above by LED lights that shifted between Prestone’s signature color palette indicating changes in temperature. To demo the products, a 900-horsepower Winnebago with a fully-functional interior and a mini-barbeque strapped onto the back was brought onto the show floor, adding an interactive element that visitors explored inside and out. The exhibit was created for Prestone by Group Delphi, 950 West Tower Ave, Alameda CA 94501; (Web Site)

Cuttwood US, a purveyor of e-cigarette liquids, needed an exhibit that was reflective of its brand, and would encourage visitors to experience Cuttwood’s products. A 40′ x 40′ island exhibit was produced comprised of black and woodgrain laminate locking panels, fabric accents and semi-private meeting rooms. Integrated shelving was built into the corner and core of the booth to display Cuttwood’s e-cigarette liquid products, and a frosted plexiglass meeting area allowed for semi-private meetings on the show floor. Fabric discs branded with the Cuttwood logo are prominently placed on the side and top of the booth. Ample display shelving was created to showcase the e-cigarette liquids, as was a space for meeting with interested buyers and resellers. The exhibit was created for Cuttwood by Orbis Exhibit & Display Group; (Web Site)

Radius Display Products wanted to introduce a new line of LUMA (TM) light box signs and lighted countertops as well as showcase a design that highlighted what’s possible with its X-Truss (TM) scenic truss system and showcase amazing printed fabric graphics all while being interactive and drawing a crowd in a show that was traditionally dark with very dim overhead lighting. That tall order was solved by designing a mini-movie theatre. The lighted box signs served as “outdoor marquees,” the truss was used to build an art-deco era theatre front with the movie names featuring the products featured, and the company’s velour drapes formed the inside of the theatre. A real projected 1950’s Sci-Fi movie montage completed the effect with the lighted counter doing triple duty as a “ticket booth,” “Concession stand” and literature station. The Tower Theater exhibit was created by Radius Display Products; 800 Fabric X-Press Way, Dallas TX 75234; (Web Site)

Champion Logistics wanted an inviting 10×20 exhibit space to promote the major award it won as the trade show exhibitor of the year and what better way to do that then to showcase the audience in a “Grammy” format. They used backlit graphics with a high quality stock photo of photographers taking a picture of the potential prospects. In addition, they had a caricature artist in the booth drawing headshot pictures – similar to those that were printed on the booth graphics. The Champion Logistics exhibit was created by The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group; (Web Site)

CNC Associates, a manufacturer and distributor of kitchen cabinets, countertops and vanities, wanted a cutting-edge, trade show exhibit reflecting the identity of its growing brand and capabilities to attendees at the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. A 30′ x 50′ island exhibit was produced featuring mock kitchen designs that showcased CNC’s high-quality products in-situation on the trade show floor. The exhibit was crowned by a custom hanging sign with built-in puck lighting to improve brightness in the exhibit space and promote the brand across the show floor. The exhibit was created for CNC Associates by Nimlok NYC; (Web Site)

Leica GeoSystems wanted strong brand presence that was integrated with their parent company, Hexagon at ConExpo, a large show for the construction industry that happens once every three years. The booth was split diagonally in two to form a structure that acted as signage, storage, and a product display. The booth was to be clean in look and feel and match the look and feel of their European exhibits. The Leica GeoSystems exhibit was created by e4 Design, 4385 International Blvd. Norcross, GA 30093; (Web Site)