Walmart wanted a Front-Of-Store End Cap Display adjacent to the cash registers that would generate impulse sales of batteries. The new Battery Center had to allow for quick shopper visibility and physical access to multiple battery options without obstructing the shopper’s sightline to cash register lanes. The high gloss black styrene finish makes this Battery Center stand out at the front register. Gravity-fed injection molded shelves provide self-product fronting of the better selling Alkaline Batteries. This display was created by New Dimensions Research, 260 Spagnoli Road Melville, NY 11747; (Web Site)

Purina required a freestanding display for its Pro Plan products, including dry food, wet food, and treats. This display supports new SKUs and promotions throughout the year. It was critical for the fixture to have the ability to store additional components to provide flexibility throughout the year. This display was created by Nashville Display, 306 Hartmann Dr, Lebanon, TN, 37087; (Web Site)

Heritage Sign & Display offers frameless mirrors in the product line. This 24″ x 30″ Guinness mirror has custom printed brand graphics beneath the surface of mirrored glass. The mirror features an oval shape and seamed edge which creates a sleek and streamlined look. The Guinness mirrors are backed with hardboard and have hardware attached for hanging on the wall. For more information, please contact Heritage Sign & Display, 344 Industrial Rd., Nesquehoning, PA 18240;
(Web Site)

MasonWays produced this Morton Salt and Bird Seed plastic molded stock display tower that can be branded with company colors, logos, graphics and a header sign to create strong brand recognition. It features a small foot print and keeps products off the floor for inventory control and impulse sales. Vertical space allows more product at the Point-of-Sale for easy access for heavy bagged products usually on the gondola shelf. Stand out and sell more at the front of store or action alley. MasonWays manufacturing process uses an advanced “No Seam” construction technology which is durable, increases consumer safety and is economically priced. For more information, contact MasonWays Indestructible Plastics LLC, 580 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33409; (Web Site)

The Merchandising Bar System can be adjusted to different depths from the pegboard. Combined with the adjustable pegs it gives you infinite space adjustment. This bar display is available in medium and heavy-duty configuration. Other options include illumination, and various colors. For more information about this Merchandising Bar System, contact WM Display Group, 1040 W 40th Street, Chicago, IL 60609; (Web Site)

Creative Snacks Co. is using this wood spinner display to gain off-shelf display positioning for its line of healthy snack products. The display provides high visibility for a large selection of snack products, from pretzels, trail snacks and granolas to veggie snacks, to encourage impulse purchases. This display was created for Creative Snacks by Dunning Displays, 5 Dunning Lane, No. Walpole, NH 03609; (Web Site)

Rite Aid approached Marketing Impact Ltd. to develop a display for Hershey’s products that would be integrated into their industry-standard Lavi Poles. MIL developed an injection-moulded tray system that fit into the grooves of a Lavi pole and is held in place with thumb screws. Updateable graphics slide into a track integrated into the outside of the tray and branded graphics cover a skirt footer that hides the pole’s base. The display header features more branded graphics and is crowned with a vac-formed peanut butter cup. For more information, contact Marketing Impact Ltd., 50 Planchet Rd., Concord, Ontario, Canada L4K 2C7; (Web Site)

Gamestop is using this T Shirt Tower and Display, designed to display and merchandise branded t shirts. It allows for 20 to 40 T Shirt styles in a 30×30 footprint with a featured mannequin on top. It is available in standardized graphic sizes to match current wall graphics. It is able to merchandise up to 40 additional shirts in a smaller, easy to shop footprint. For more information, contact Kaston Fixtures & Design Group, 8610 Directors Row, Dallas TX 75247; (Web Site)