Applying the latest technology in LED lighting, this ultra thin acrylic signage produced by Design Phase in conjunction with FLEx Lighting, can be activated when a shopper comes within 10 feet capturing the consumers’ attention at the critical point of sale. Produced to illuminate any brands message along with four-color graphics, this form of signage is revolutionizing the look of the POP industry. Designed for multiple applications including cooler doors, shelves, aisle violators and end cap displays, this battery powered self-contained motion activated product is invisible when off and offers an extended battery powered lifetime. For more information, contact Design Phase, 1771 South Lakeside Drive, Waukegan, IL; 60085; (Web Site)


DSA Phototech digital signage engages customers with audience specific content messaging and dynamic multimedia production. DSA offers digital content development, management software and hardware options for every budget. The company’s solutions are suitable for single locations and scalable for multi unit installations. For more information, contact DSA Phototech, 16961 Central Avenue, Carson CA 90746; (Web Site)


Focus America Group has introduced LED Innovative Spin Technology. Using LED lights with integrated high speed motors creates animated video and jpeg images to attract shoppers’ attention at the point of sales. The display units are available in standard and custom shapes. They are available for surface, wall and floor applications. The units are available with wifi communications for easy updating. For more information, contact Focus America Group, 11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, Ste. 311, San Diego, CA 92128; (Web Site)


This new AdPanel display by Britten Studios lights media with brilliant LEDs. AdPanel is a wall-mounted or freestanding kiosk that shows off ads with brilliant light. The light is provided by LEDs that illuminate media with even, crisp lighting. The AdPanel was designed to have a sleek and clean appearance. A sliding rail system makes it easy to change graphics. The exterior is made out of clear tempered glass and stainless steel. It can also be fabricated with aluminum and custom painted in any color. AdPanels are available single or double-sided. They have an image area of 77″ by 54″. For more information, contact Britten Studios, 2322 Cass Rd, Traverse City, MI 49684; (Web Site)


Hankscraft has introduced a new Cooler Door LCD unit offering a convenient way to bring a video message directly to the cooler door. With the new Cooler Door LCD unit, marketers can now use their video marketing directly at the cooler door before any purchase and put their message in front of the consumer before they even open the cooler door. Hankscraft’s cooler Door LCD screen features a 6.1 inch LCD screen with easy to change internal memory, adjustable speaker system, cooler door suction cups, a new easy way to insert new artwork on the face of the display, and best of all, it’s battery operated for thousands of motion activated impressions for months of use. For more information, contact Hankscraft Inc., 300 Wengel Drive, Reedsburg, WI 53959; (Web Site)


DUCO’s PREMIER SERIES LCD Media Players offer unsurpassed visual impact with available screen resolution up to 800p/ All DUCO media players are designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for the P-O-P industry. Features & capabilities include: Screen sizes: 18.5″, 16.6″, 13.3″, 10.1″, 7.0″ & 4.3″; 18.5″, 15.6″ & 13.3″ models are Android-based and capable of playing custom APPs/APKs. The 10.1″ and 7.0″ models are resistive touch screen capable. Android-based players offer 720p HD resolution. Android models are capable of using up to 10 push buttons, or any combination of push buttons, a motion sensor and looping video. Battery-powered models support two push buttons or one push button and a motion sensor and feature a low battery indicator light. For more information, contact DUCO Technologies, 191 N. Gibson Rd., Henderson, NV 89014; (Web Site)


Rocket Production offers a range of LCD media screens for playing digital content at the point of sale. The screens are available in 9 different sizes, from 3.5″ up to 21″. They are available with or without housing They are easy to install, sturdy, and long lasting. Optional touch screens, HD and counter indicators are available. The units may be AC Powered or Battery powered. HD Media Players convert any screen to a media player. For more information, contact Rocket Production USA LLC., 529 Chestnut Street, Cedarhurst NY 11516; (Web Site)


Promote, inform, decorate, and dazzle with the GraphicMirror from MDI’s Reflections™ line of illuminated products. A hidden motion sensor changes the graphic or text to a mirror when customers approach, then returns it back to the original format. The unit is completely self-contained, no computer connection needed. For more information, contact MDI WorldWide, 38271 W Twelve Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48331; (Web Site)