Henschel-Steinau has developed an innovative Baby Formula Theft Deterrent System. This new retail system is a modular on shelf display that is designed to dispense baby formula, deterring would-be thieves while attracting customers. The EZ Roll shelf designed by Henschel-Steinau represents a perfect marriage of utility and aesthetics. The unit dispenses a single product at a time which eliminates the threat of so called “sweep and go” shoplifting where multiple products are quickly swept into a bag or other concealing device. The security door is also connected to a customizable alarm which sounds when forced open, deterring thieves and alerting employees of the incident. Henschel-Steinau’s baby formula retail system fits all standard retail shelving and features modular construction, as well as FIFO rotation of product. Each individual module holds up to nine canisters. The unit is easily installed. For more information, contact Henschel-Steinau, 50 Commerce Drive, Allendale, NJ 07401; (Web Site) www.hspop.com


Clip Strip Corp. has developed the Anti-Theft, Peg Hook -Lock with Magnetic Key™. This security solution is cost efficient, easy to use for the store staff and will deter most of the loss from occurring. The Anti-Theft Peg Hook-Lock™” is placed on each display hook in front of the products and when a customer is interested in purchasing, the store clerk can easily remove the lock with the Magnetic Key for Anti-Theft Hook- Lock™. This magnet is the only one that will open the lock. The product is affordable and easy-to-use. It comes in bright red, making it highly visible to a potential thief. For more information, contact Clip Strip Corp., 343 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601; (Web Site) www.clipstrip.com


The Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ from FFR Merchandising provides a secure solution for high-theft merchandise, while maintaining product accessibility and self-service for customers. Each knob turn draws product forward, releases a single package and alerts store personnel when multiple products are being dispensed. The mechanical audible alert deters shoplifting while the integrated coil and enclosure prevent sweeping and cutting of hang tags. The Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ is an effective loss prevention solution for pegged products such as batteries, printer ink and razor blades. For more information, contact FFR Merchandising, Inc. 8181 Darrow Rd., Twinsburg, OH 44087; (Web Site) www.ffr.com


Intelligent Loss Prevention has introduced Turtle product security to the North American market through a distribution partnership with Pataco AG of Henau, Switzerland. Turtle is a multi-functional EAS tag device that is used to secure packaged goods and display products. The Turtle can be used independently by attaching its adhesive backing to any packaged good. In addition, the Turtle can also be attached directly to strapped packaging or used with accessories to protect display merchandise. The Turtle emits a pre-alarm upon slight lifting or sliding. A full alarm sounds if the Turtle is removed from the product or if the Turtle passes through an EAS gate. For more information, contact Intelligent Loss Prevention, 1400 Eddy Avenue, Rockford, IL 61103; (Web Site) www.intelligentlossprevention.com


Nashville Display offers a DVD-Blu-Ray Disc Display Anti-Sweep Display System, which features pushers that keep DVDs front faced. With the anti-sweep system, only one DVD can be removed at a time without sweeping, or removing all DVDs in a pocket. The system can be incorporated into any DVD display, allowing the display to be easy to shop and restock, while also providing theft protection. For more information, contact Nashville Display, 306 Hartman Drive, Lebanon, TN 37987; (Web Site) www.nashvilledisplay.com


Trion has introduced a new Anti-Sweep™ Scanning Hook with a radical upturned tip and camel-back profile that creates a twisting, circuitous product path preventing sweeping. The Level Front Staging Area allows facing of a product for improved visibility and sales without any need for separate Inventory Control Clips. The upturned tip insures positive retention of faced product. Trion’s Flip Scan® Label Holder conveniently swings up and out of the way. This display system employs economical plain-paper labels for savings of up to 75% on labels over expensive adhesive labels. The Anti-Sweep™ Scanning Hook is offered in a variety of backplate designs and hook profiles to fit into every wall and display surface. For more information, contact Trion Industries, inc. 297 Laird Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702; (Web Site) www.triononline.com


Vulcan Spring offers the PULLBOX® security tether. Using Vulcan Spring’s Contorque® spring technology, the PULLBOX® provides consistent, reliable tension at a variety of forces, with many versatile end fittings available. It is offered with a maximum five foot cable and up to two pounds of force. Custom PULLBOX® designs can be quickly and cost-effectively manufactured to create the ideal security tether solution. There are many options for the cable, end fitting and box, and the PULLBOX® Alarm option is also available. For more information, contact Vulcan Spring, 501 Schoolhouse Rd., Telford, PA 18969; (Web Site) www.vulcanspring.com


Se-Kure Controls’ Retracting Display Stand enables customers to pick up a displayed item and then the retractable wire helps guide it back into place. This discourages merchandise theft and keeps the display looking organized. The displayer uses a flexible end that conforms to flat or curved surfaces and is attached with strong double-faced adhesive. The base of the displayer can be mounted to the display surface with adhesive or Velcro and the front surface can accommodate a label. Available in black or white. For more information, contact Se-Kure Controls, Inc., 3714 Runge St., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (Web Site) www.se-kure.com