Retrofit Scan Hooks With Trion’s ScanLock® Security-Add security throughout the store by retrofitting existing Scan Hooks with Trion’s ScanLock® Security Locks. ScanLock® secures scan hooks up to 1/4″ in diameter with 1″ wire spacing. A keyed locking system, ScanLock® allows the securing of all items, or only some with forward stock displayed unlocked for ready sale. Offering simple, swing-aside access, there is no need for Sales Associates to completely remove the hook to access and sell items. The system relocks without the key allowing for hands on selling to customers with replacement and re-lock in an instant without fumbling for the key. For more information, contact Trion Industries, 297 Laird Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702; (Web Site)


Clip Strip Corp. has developed the Anti-Theft, Peg Hook -Lock with Magnetic Key™. This security solution is cost efficient, easy to use for the store staff and will deter most of the loss from occurring. The Anti-Theft Peg Hook-Lock™” is placed on each display hook in front of the products and when a customer is interested in purchasing, the store clerk can easily remove the lock with the Magnetic Key for Anti-Theft Hook- Lock™. This magnet is the only one that will open the lock. The product is affordable and easy-to-use. It comes in bright red, making it highly visible to a potential thief. For more information, contact Clip Strip Corp., 343 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601;
(Web Site)


Mechtronics’ Anti-Sweep / Anti-Pilfer Hook System features a patent-pending “Security Gate” and camel back hook. The “Security Gate” requires two-handed operation, which allows easy access to the product while deterring theft. The staging area on the hook allows the retailer to easily front-load product while also permitting consumers to replace product, if necessary. In addition to its anti-theft function, the “Security Gate” can be customized to provide an area for branding and/or UPC/EAN labels. Backplates are available for all attachment requirements, and hooks are available in multiple lengths. For more information, contact Mechtronics, 511 Fishkill Ave., Beacon, NY 12508; (Web Site)


FFR Merchandising produces Wire Power Wing and PowerBar™ fixtures with new mounting options for FFR’s Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™. The hook provides a secure solution for high-theft pegged merchandise, while maintaining product availability for self-service to the customer-the hook requires no assistance from store associates. Each knob turn draws product forward on the integrated dispensing coil, releases a single package, and audibly alerts store personnel when multiple products are being dispensed. The design also prevents cutting of hang tabs through the integrated enclosure. New mounting adapters attach securely to Wire Power Wing and PowerBar™ fixtures; the hook has a pegboard bracket included. For more information, contact FFR Merchandising, 8181 Darrow Rd., Twinsburg, OH 44087; (Web Site)


Marketing Impact Limited has developed a new razor blade dispenser system, which finally solves the problems inherent to all security razor blade systems, the consumers inability to access or see the razor blades easily. MIL’s new EZ secure razor system utilizes the consumer’s own fingers as the tool to retrieve the razors. A simple yet elegant answer to troublesome issue. The consumer can easily pull out a fully visible razor blade package with his finger. It also incorporates our proprietary magnetic locking technology, which allows easy access to reload the product into its proven pusher technology. The EZ secure system is modular and does not depend on full 48″ section to be implemented. A retailer can simply securely peg the system into any existing peg board. For more information, contact Marketing Impact Limited, 50 Planchet Rd., Concord, Ontario, Canada L4K 2C7; (Web Site)


Nashville Display offers a DVD-Blu-Ray Disc Display Anti-Sweep Display System, which features pushers that keep DVDs front faced. With the anti-sweep system, only one DVD can be removed at a time without sweeping, or removing all DVDs in a pocket. The system can be incorporated into any DVD display, allowing the display to be easy to shop and restock, while also providing theft protection. For more information, contact Nashville Display, 306 Hartman Drive, Lebanon, TN 37987; (Web Site)


SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook triggers an audible beep when the label holder is lifted during product removal. Anti-sweep hook design slows down product removal. Features switchable modes so retailers can choose between an alarming function and a “beep only” mode. The new deactivation method utilizes a light sensor eye located behind the label holder and uses the innovative strobe key to deactivate. For more information, contact Intelligent Loss Prevention, 1400 Eddy Ave., Rockford, IL 61103; (Web Site)

SE-KURE iPad of Side Gripper Vantage II Stand

Se-Kure Controls has introduced its Vantage Tablet Lockdown Stand with universal grippers, which combines the protection of a mechanical lock down device with an electronic alarm. It allows pivoting from portrait to landscape and can power the tablet allowing full operation. The stand easily accommodates tablets of varying size. For more information, contact Se-Kure Controls, 3714 Runge St., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (Web Site)