Pizl Toys Display

AGA Displays and Fixtures has created a suite of corrugated displays for Pixl Toys and their crowdfunded product Pixlplay™. Pixlplay turns a smartphone into a fun camera for kids. Pixl Toys benefited from AGA Displays expertise with crown funded products. Pixl Toys initial promotional rollout consisted of a corrugated PDQ and a complementary, easy-assemble corrugated FSU with a clever header that resembled actual photographs and the Pixlplay camera. These displays were created by AGA Displays & Fixtures, 1611 S. Pacific Coast Highway #105, Redondo Beach CA 90277; (Web Site) www.agadisplay.com

Pepsi Life Wtr Displays

The Pepsi Life Wtr Displays commands shopper attention with its unique shape. The stacked cube design presents a unique silhouette. It connects with the shopper by presenting the LIFEWTR logo in clear black and white on the top cube. This element is nicely balanced with a similar, simple black cube as the merchandiser bases, which helps elevate the product. These displays were created by Great Northern Instore, 395 Strobe Road, Appleton WI 54914; (Web Site) www.greatnortherncorp.com

Mondelez S’mores In Store Display

This Mondelez S’mores In Store Display is designed to have consumers stocking up on everything they need to make some campfire s’mores. These eye-catching in store displays certainly captured the essence of the overall promotion. With different graphic headers printed on the large format high speed flatbed Inca S-40 press and die cut to shape, the flexibility of in-store use was exponential.. This display was created by Proprint Services Inc., 5621 Finch Avenue East, Suite 5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1B 2T9; (Web Site) www.proprintservices.com

Twinings Corrugated Display

Twinings wanted to create a corrugate display as part of a marketing campaign launching a new look to its packaging. The display features scaled-up replicas of the 3 new package designs, shoppable from 2 sides, stacked and attached to one and other with a centre corrugate pole. The pole is fixed into a raised base that elevates the unit and its products to eye level. This allows the individual modules to be rotated, creating eye-catching shapes and arrangements. This display was created by Marketing Impact Limited, 50 Planchet Road, Concord, Ontario Canada L4K 2C7; (Web Site) www.displaypeople.com

Legacy Team Specific Sunglasses Pallet Display

Legacy Brand Products wanted to create a visually appealing display for placement in Sam’s club to promote and sell team-branded sunglasses (MLB and NCAA Football). The display was to include an interactive component that would allow shoppers to try on the sunglasses, and see how they fit. Only by utilizing a large-format, direct-to-sheet digital press, team-specific product cards and pallet displays were produced and then placed in regional markets. This display was created by Bennett Packaging & Displays, 220 NW Space Center Cir, Lees Summit, MO 64064; (Web Site) www.bennettkc.com

Under Armour Academy Outdoor Display

This Under Armour Academy Outdoor four sided stand alone floor display was created to increase brand awareness and higher sell through to smaller chain and specialty stores such as Academy Sports. Carocon reduced the cost of a display used in larger chains by reducing size and number of SKUs without compromising the quality appearance and graphic impact the brand is known for. This display was created by Carocon Display & Packaging, 401 Model Farm Road, High Point NC 27263; (Web Site) www.caroconusa.com

Stock Snack Display

Landaal Packaging Systems has introduced a Snack Display Retail Merchandiser. In the world of retail display merchandisers, Landaal Packaging Systems’ new display virtually eliminates the major obstacle – assembly time. The technology creates an automatically-assembling display requiring only a few seconds before it’s ready to be filled with product. For more information, contact Landaal Packaging Systems,3256 B Iron St., Burton, MI 48529; (Web Site) www.landaal.com

Speck Products Quarter Pallet Display

Speck Products required a quarter pallet for use in Walmart, to showcase Speck brand mobile phone and tablet cases. The display offers shoppability and a space-friendly footprint. The Speck quarter pallet also features space for larger-than life graphics that show off the variety, features and color options of the products. This display was created by Englander dZignPak, 1015 Hayden Dr., Carrollton Texas 75006; (Web Site) www.englanderdzp.com

Pepsi NFL Product Wall Display

Pepsi wanted a solution that eliminated the time it took to build large format, in-store product stack promotions. This lightweight Pepsi NFL Product Wall is a two-sided, freestanding wall that is dressed with stacked product imagery that can be assembled in minutes. The wall is cost-effective, versatile and commands consumer attention. The Pepsi NFL Product Wall was created by Great Northern Instore, 395 Strobe Road, Appleton WI 54914; (Web Site) www.greatnortherncorp.com

Kraft Supermarket Display

This multipurpose floor display gets placed in high traffic areas within grocery stores. This particular display holds quite a lot of Kraft Dinner and shoppers cannot miss it. These full colour displays were directly printed on corrugate using their array of Inca large format high speed digital presses and then die cut to shape on the Giant YoungShin and packed with shelves and supports for distribution across the country. This Kraft supermarket floor display was created by Proprint Services, 5621 Finch Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1B 2T9; (Web Site) www.proprintservices.com

BioPreferred Pallets For Pallet Displays

Litco International’s Inca brand molded wood pallets have been certified by the USDA’s BioPreferred program. The BioPreferred® Program was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help showcase sustainable products and promote use of renewable agricultural resources. “Biobased certification for Litco’s pallets helps to demonstrate our commitment to the sustainability of our company’s offering of molded wood products,” said Gary Sharon, V.P., Litco International. Litco’s Inca molded wood products are made from wood waste and resin. The pallets are 60% lighter in weight than conventional hardwood pallets and a space-saving, nestable configuration saves space in shipping and warehousing. For more information, contact Litco International, 1 Litco Drive, Vienna, OH 44473; (Web Site) www.litco.com

Hershey Easter Candy Display

Designed with TPN Retail and produced for Hershey, this Easter Candy In-store Promotion was created for Walmart Stores. A 2-fold promotion with Reese’s Egg-shaped half pallet display and Easter Basket Archway measuring 112″ tall, were created to boost awareness for the new 3D Reese’s Egg candy and excitement for the Easter season. This display was created by Englander dZignPak, 1015 Hayden Drive, Carrollton TX 75006; (Web Site) www.englanderdzp.com

Rite in the Rain Floor Display

Rite in the Rain wanted to increase sales at Office Depot by creating a floor display that allows shoppers to test the Rite in the Rain product. The display needed to hold an array of products; from pens to copier paper packs. It had to be sturdy and designed to survive at retail for up to two months. The design needed to set itself apart to communicate to the outdoor enthusiast or worker; those that see a need for weatherproof paper products. This display was created for JL Darling by CaroCon Display & Packaging, 401 Model Farm Road, High Point NC 27263; (Web Site) www.caroconusa.com

General Mills Old El Paso Publix Pallet Display

General Mills wanted to create a dynamic “party on a pallet” for Old El Paso’s annual Cinco de Mayo promotion in Publix stores. The pallet unified the brand’s 19 SKUs into an upbeat, inspirational, one-stop-shopping hub with meal solutions, holiday entertaining and cross-promotion of Publix’s fresh produce and poultry for this short but crucial 10-14 day Cinco de Mayo sales window. This display was created by Menasha, 1645 Bergstrom Rd., Neenah, WI 54956; (Web Site) www.menashadisplay.com

Modelo Food Truck Mass Display

Modelo wanted to develop a creative food truck display to support its Tour De Sabor Promotion. This display features vibrant colors to reinforce the authenticity of Modelo’s Especial and Negra brands. The display was designed to assemble easily in-store. This display was created for IMS on behalf of Constellation Brands by Baird Display, W220N507 Springdale Road, Waukesha, WI 53186; (Web Site) www.bairddisplay.com

Samsung Galaxy S8 Corrugated Displays

Samsung needed a display campaign as part of the release and launch of its new Samsung Galaxy S8. The three-part corrugate display campaign consisted of a 4-sided hanging component, a Cart Rail display, and a 60″ standee, and placed in different locations within Walmart stores. All three displays include a 3D phone-shaped lug-on which showcases the infinity edge of the new phone design. The transparency of the PETG material used for the phone allows shoppers to see the world through the phone, in this case, the underwater world. This display was created by Bennett, 1645 Bergstrom Rd., Neenah, WI 54956; (Web Site) www.bennettkc.com