LG is using this display to merchandise its LG ranges and ProBake Convection ovens. The display creates the look of a kitchen to help shoppers envision what the appliances will look like in their homes. This display features a video wall demonstrating how the advanced convection oven operates, along with cooking demonstrations, and product features. This display was created for LG by Design Phase, 1771 South Lakeside Drive, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)


Eastman is using this display to demonstrate its Paint Protection Film (PPF) to motivate car buyers to purchase the PPF option. Using the brass bristle brush on the right of the facsimile hood, the shopper is encouraged to scratch away on the hood, which has been covered with the PPF. Then, with the customer watching closely, the sales person pushes the red button; activating the heating element positioned directly under the hood. As the temperature of the hood elevates to the 110 degree threshold, the scratches disappear. All UL approved components (driven by a low voltage power supply) are utilized in the display design, including a thermostatic shut-off at 110 degrees on the heating element and a safety over-ride that prevents activation for 90 seconds after plug in, ensuring a ‘cool down’ period of at least 60 seconds between heating cycles. This display was created by Trans World Marketing, 360 Murray Hill Parkway, East Rutherford NJ 07073; (Web Site)


Testrite Visual Products has introduced new Charisma Hanging SEG Lightboxes with no visible power cord. These lightboxes feature the Charisma Lightwire SEG™ Electrified Cable. This allows for a clean look, simple installation. Custom sizes and finishes are available. This is a UL Certified low voltage system. For more information, contact Testrite Visual, 216 South Newman St., Hackensack, NJ 07601; (Web Site)

DUCO-InVision Media Players

DUCO’s InVISION® Android-Based Quad Core Media Players are creative advertising devices that convert monitors or TV screens of any size into sophisticated media players. DUCO’s 4K UHD Media Player allows Brand Marketers the ability to feature their in-store 4K video advertising content on any size UHD television they choose. For more information, contact DUCO Technologies, 191 N. Gibson Rd., Henderson, NV 89014; (Web Site)


This Crown Royal Vanilla LED illuminated wall sign features a steel pop-out for a unique dimensional look. The key to this sign is the laser-cut metal pop-out that is digitally printed with brand artwork and stands off the main part of the sign. LEDs illuminate the cut out letters and wash the rest of the sign with warm light. The back of the sign is traditionally stained 1/2″ wood at a size of 19″ x 16″. This LED illuminated wall sign was created by Heritage Sign & Display, Inc., 344 Industrial Road, Nesquehoning, PA 18240; (Web Site)

Woman selecting shampoo in store

Hankscraft POP’s LED Aisle Blade Violator increases customer impressions and gets products noticed. This motion-activated illuminated display is 4″x7″ standard with custom sizes available upon request. The 4-color changeable graphic insert allows updates and multiple promotions. An adjustable G-clamp is included for easy mounting. For more information, contact Hankscraft, 300 Wengel Drive, Reedsburg, WI 53959; (Web Site)


The iDOOR® is a refrigeration cooler or freezer door that has a transparent LCD screen embedded within the door that plays full motion video at the point of purchase. This patented technology allows video and animation in full HD (1920 x 1080) to be played on the door while giving customers the ability to still see the products contained within the cooler or freezer. The iDOOR delivers proximity-based messaging for improved shopper engagement. This technology delivers high-definition visual promotions that target and connects with shoppers’ lifestyle and demographics. The iDOOR displays messages based on the time of day, day of the week or special events and seasons. For more information, visit (Web Site)


The specially formulated Magic Sheets from Outwater Plastics are the ideal substitute for traditional lightbulbs in retail displays. These Magic Sheets were designed specifically for edge lit illumination and are perfect for single or double sided displays. Formulated with evenly dispersed illuminating (Pixie Dust) particles, the high quality Magic Sheets come in either 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ sheets and can run any temperature of white or RGB. Perfect for a variety of uses, the Magic Sheets are crystal clear while turned off and also offer bright, even light dispersion without hot spots. These sheets are highly customizable and can be cut on site when needed. For more information, contact Outwater Plastics, P.O. Box 500, Bogota, NJ 07603; (Tel) 800-631-8375; (Web Site)


Shoppers Drug Mart needed a kiosk that would enable customers to check on their Optimum points and learn about new offers and services. Customers access this information with a built-in touch screen panel and through interchangeable header graphics. The kiosk is made from laser cut sheet metal with a co-poly fold-over. Artwork graphics are printed on styrene and held in place with push pins for interchangeability. The touch screen’s content is also updatable with a USB key, enhancing the display’s flexibility. This display was created by Marketing Impact Ltd., 50 Planchet Rd., Concord, Ontario, Canada L4K 2C7; (Web Site)


Whirlpool needed an innovative display to launch its French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerators. The refrigerator was systematically disassembled to convert the entire back wall into a custom 65″ interactive monitor. A new electronic ecosystem helped drive engagement, powering mini-PCs and sensors that respond to shopper interaction. Static exterior POS prompted shoppers to open the doors and launch the experience. Once the doors were open, the 65″ screen animation took over and invited the shopper to interact with sliding shelves for more information or press a digital button display to dive deeper into specific features. This display was created by Darko, 2026 Summit Commerce Park, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087; (Web Site)


Samsung wanted a display that appeals to home and small businesses and accommodates several different security camera systems. The display needed to hide all wiring and electrical components inside the unit to provide for a clean counter top display. A powder coated sheet metal display was created for its durability. A combination of live video, strong Samsung brand graphics, and the cameras displayed around the header drove consumers to a purchasing decision. This display was created by OSI Creative, 185 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA 92618; (Web Site)


Duco’s Elite Slim Series Android-Based Quad Core Media Players deliver the most vivid video playback while covering a wide array of in-store advertising solutions. Quad Core Technology, delivering unsurpassed power, speed, and image quality, gives the display designer the freedom to incorporate the most creative, task-demanding functions with screens thinner than ever before. For more information contact DUCO Technologies, 191 N. Gibson Rd., Henderson, NV 89014; (Web Site)


Customized for Best Buy, this 24 and 16 foot wall display for LG Electronics features a collection of five LG monitors, three sound system choices, and an easy-to-use, interactive touch screen panel. Utilizing high-end material and lighting, the LG Wall display was able to combine all of the LG products in one large, impactful footprint. The centrally located interactive panel gives shoppers and Best Buy salespeople the ability to present, experience and compare product choices by choosing from a collection of visual and audio content. To attract customers, the LG Wall featured a coordinated brand message and a visually captivating synchronized screen presentation. The display technology integrates the latest in content presentation and management, utilizing Best Buys in-store Ethernet system, so content for all 409 stores could be managed and updated from a remote location through a series of six BrightSign media players. The LG Electronics Wall Display was created by Design Phase, 1771 South Lakeside Drive, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)


VSBLTY’s VisionCaptor™ marries brilliantly executed motion graphics or interactive brand messaging on display surfaces including glass panel doors at point-of-sale in retail environments such as supermarkets and c-stores, with “first of its kind” facial recognition and data capture technology that delivers real time behavioral analytics and sales metrics. VSBLTY turns a regular glass cooler front into an interactive brand experience capable of engaging consumers, differentiating brands capturing consumer information at the point of consideration. With full 1080p video, touch screen and physical detection capabilities, it can deliver multi-level messaging, engagement tracking and traffic detection. For more information, contact VSBLTY at (Web Site)


Hankscraft offers Android tablets for use in interactive p.o.p. displays. The tablets are Wi-Fi enabled and come in sizes from 10.1″ to 32″ Custom sizes are also available. Hankscraft also offers a new wireless sensor circuit that can trigger its LED Edge Lit Panels from up to 6′ away. For more information, contact Hankscraft, 300 Wengel Drive, Reedsburg, WI 53959; (Web Site)


Focus America Group has introduced LED “Dot Light Pattern” technology to achieve high quality back lit images. Using light lumen led dot light technology offers a uniform pattern to insure 100% diffuse light. The Dot Light Technology is used in Focus back lit signs and menu boards, which are available in stock and custom sizes. For more information, contact Focus America Group, 11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, San Diego, CA 92128; (Web Site)