LG Electronics has carved out valuable space within retail stores to showcase its new high-end OLED TV technology. The cutting-edge display conveys elegance, while still allowing the TV itself to be the star. The concave design of the display mirrors the curve of the TV and the design of the brackets were unobtrusive allowing the design of the base to show. The illuminated logos and captivating content of the display aid in attracting customers. This display was created for LG Electronics by Design Phase, Inc., 1771 S Lakeside Dr, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)


Heritage Sign and Display has introduced LED illuminated signs that are only 3/4″ thick. The energy-efficient units are available with low minimum orders in stock or custom shapes. This LED Edge lit marker board with custom wood frame, glass backer and special chalk marker was made in the USA for Wild Turkey American Honey. The special chalk marker glows when used to print drink specials on the unscratchable surface. For more information, contact Heritage Sign & Display Inc., 344 Industrial Rd., Nesquehoning, PA 18240; (Web Site)


Sonos is installing media rooms in retail outlets to demonstrate Sonos’ residential wireless sound system. Sonos has designed custom rooms to fit varying retail environments with different square footage, configurations, store locations, etc. Variables such as lighting, electrical, traffic, size, and shape all needed to be considered in the design of each custom room. Equipped with television, speaker stands, wall graphics, shelving systems, sofas, coffee tables, and throw rugs, these rooms allow customers to sit back, relax in an in-home atmosphere. These media rooms have been created for Sonos by OSI Creative, 185 Technology Dr., Irvine, CA 92618; (Web Site)


DUCO has developed a unique interactive P-O-P opportunity featuring its line of High-Def Android-based LCD Media Players, and innovative Barcode Scanner Technology. The consumer’s interaction with the P-O-P display begins by simply placing the UPC barcode found on the advertised product’s packaging in front of the scanner. The scanner then instantaneously reads the pre-programmed barcode, and activates and plays a product-specific video on the media player screen. For more information, contact DUCO Technologies, 191 N. Gibson Road, Henderson, NV 89014. (Web Site)


In-Store Experience recently developed a series of push button, interactive, audio displays for Harman International. In-Store has produced over 4,000 displays for 15 different retail channels, all of which include interactive technology to demonstrate each product’s superior sound qualities and functionality. JBL was seeking product launch displays to showcase their new line of Flip, Micro and Charge wireless Bluetooth speakers. At the same time, Harman/Kardon wanted to showcase their new home theater Soundbars, Blu-Ray players and Sub-Woofer Systems. In-Store was selected to develop interactive displays that would engage shoppers and allow them to demo and experience the products in real time. Almost 50% of displays required UL Certification and all incorporated easily updatable graphics as well as patent pending “Flex-Mount”; a proprietary security bracket system developed by In-Store Experience which allows for easy SKU swap-outs in the field. For more information, contact In-Store Experience, 49 Richmondville Ave., Westport, CT 06880; (Web Site)


Requiring a consistent and uniform look within its stores nationwide, Babies “R” Us asked Americhip to create a unique display for each of the six major brands selling products in the baby bottle category. To help consumers navigate through and understand their specific product options, Babies “R” Us worked with Americhip to design a lighted baby bottle display with three unique LED flash patterns. Corresponding text lit up simultaneously to highlight and set apart the key features of the product. The displays were a huge success because they allowed consumers to interact and engage with the product, helping them make an informed and educated purchasing decision. This display was created by Americhip Inc., 19032 S Vermont Ave., Gardena CA 90248; (Web Site)


Soundbar speakers have proven to be a very successful category of home audio. As their popularity has grown, so has the need for retailers to improve the way that models are presented to the consumer. H.H. Gregg and DNI Retail Design worked together to develop a fixturing program that would allow for associates to conduct effective demonstrations and provide a simple way for consumers to compare speakers. A unique feature of this display is that the programming was made to be universal for all TV and soundbar models. This enabled H.H. Gregg to have flexibility in changing or adding new products to the display. This Soundbar City Display was created by DNI Retail Design, 1502 Louis Bork Dr, Batavia, IL 60510; (Web Site)


Industrial Image offers-The FlashView 1000 Standard Definition Ad Player, a unique All-in-One signage solution. By combining a high quality LED display and an easy to use media player, FlashView ad players are truly in a class of their own. Designed specifically for the retail market, these units are built to last with rugged materials which includes a 1-year warranty. The small housing and low price point make it easy to add video to any P.O.P display. Interactive options include motion sensors, pushbuttons, and multi-layered touch screen technology which allows marketers to guide customers through a purchase decision. These interactive displays are simple to use and easy to update via USB stick. No computer or network is required. Standard sizes range from 7″ to 32″. For more information, contact Industrial Image, 2665 Pine Grove Rd., Cumming, GA 30041; (Web Site)


LG Electronics introduced its new Lifeband and Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Headphone at Best Buy stores. LG developed an upscale display program that would engage consumers and invite trial of the product. The final display design needed to be flexible for placement on both endcap and in-line gondolas at Best Buy. The display allows consumers to try dummy Lifeband products on for size prior to making their purchase. A medium and large dummy Lifeband bracelet are permanently mounted to pull cord security tether cables to invite trial for sizing. A media player shows silent looping content to give consumers a better understanding of the benefits of the Lifeband and HRM headphone products. This display was created by Trans World Marketing, 360 Murray Hill Parkway East Rutherford, NJ 07073; (Web Site)


Harbor Industries has introduced the bongo™ System, which is designed to deliver low voltage power to multiple devices of varying voltages from a single110v outlet. Lights motion, sound, and video are key sensory devices to draw attention to products at the retail shelf. The availability of electricity limits the feasibility of these options. bongo™ delivers power to the retail shelf without the need for an electrician. bongo™ is a safe and easy way to deliver power to multiple devices at the shelf. Each bongo™ box provides power for up to 5 devices. A total of 3 bongo™ boxes can be used from a single power supply spanning a distance of up to 300′. For more information, contact Harbor Industries, 14130 172nd Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417; (Web Site)


Danze Inc., is using this interactive p.o.p. display to feature an entire faucet product line in six linear feet of space. This display blends real-world production interaction with an intuitive digital interface. The display uses RFID technology to allow customers to trigger interactive on-screen content specific to a particular faucet by simply moving a pod from the wall and placing it on the reader below the touchscreen. This interactive display was created by InReality, 120 Interstate North Pkway E., Atlanta, GA 30339; (Web Site)


Recom Group created Transparent Video Screens for W.L. Gore to showcase their world famous Gore-tex line of water protection on North Face Hiking Shoes. W.L. Gore is reporting a tremendous success with these high tech screens that are attracting immediate interest and response with customers in North Face stores. This display is being used in stores around the world, including North America, South America and Africa. For more information, contact Recom Group, Inc., 449 Borrego Court,San Dimas CA 91773; (Web Site)


This Disney Infinity interactive game display incorporates the latest technology which gives customers the ability to place a collectable figurine on a base pad to produce the character description, giving them a glimpse of interactions and adventures. The display was produced with a custom built android monitor, RFID designed chip, LED lighting, molded ABS plastic, and a custom SD card for easy updates. This display played an integral role in supporting the launch resulting in over 3 million starter packs sold to date. This display was created by Design Phase, Inc., 1771 S Lakeside Dr, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)


Menasha Packaging Co. and Shelfbucks have partnered to launch POP displays that incorporate iBeacon technology to actively engage with shoppers, while enabling brands and retailers to measure and manage in-store promotional campaigns. Shoppers browsing a product area interact with Menasha displays using their smartphones to immediately access product content, promotional offers, ratings and reviews and other relevant product data provided via the Shelfbucks platform. Menasha’s new displays enable brands to determine how in-store POP displays perform compared to the brand’s goals, providing the opportunity to adjust in-store promotions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Menasha’s new displays also enable brands to accurately track deployment of their in-store POP displays as well as gather detailed data on shopper engagement and the performance of merchandising at the store. For more information, contact Menasha Packaging Co., 1645 Bergstrom Rd., Neenah, WI 54956; (Web Site)


Outwater Plastics has introduced new RF Dimmers, which are omnidirectional and can travel over an extended range and effortlessly pass through walls or other barriers, permitting Outwater’s RF Receivers to be placed anywhere desired, such as in cabinets, bookcases, closets or other inconspicuous locations. 12V and 24V lighting can be readily and precisely regulated as desired with an effective range from 10% to 100% of illumination, and can be simply turned on or off with a light tap on the RF Dimmer’s control knob. For more information, contact Outwater Plastics Industries, 24 River Road, Bogota, NJ 07603; Web Site)


Insignia Systems has introduced ‘The Like Machine™’, which harnesses the power of social media, consumer engagement, and word-of-mouth recommendation right at the point of purchase, in partnership with TLM Holdings, LLC. The Like Machine™ will be installed in front of participating brands enabling consumers to express and share their opinion with other shoppers in the store, with their retailer, and with their favorite brands. For more information, contact Insignia Systems, Inc., 8799 Brooklyn Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55445; (Web Site)