This Big Ass Fans exhibit features a simple house structure in line with minimalist design. The space was visually interesting with the use of different textures and the space was made very warm and inviting with a fireplace in the center. The fireplace was actually a digital screen with a video playing. Big Ass Fans wanted to showcase a working Haiku, its reinvention of the home ceiling fan. It wanted to bring the Haiku brand to life and make it stand out on the crowded CES show floor. The space housed a working Haiku and a number other products so that attendees could interact with their individual functionality as well as their ability to connect with smart home technology. This exhibit was created by MG Design, 8778 100th Street, Pleasant Prairie WI 53158; (Web Site)


To introduce Canagan’s line of grain-free dog food products at the 2016 Global Pet Expo, Nimlok Orlando was tasked to create an exhibit that would stand out from the crowd of 3,000+ booths on the trade show floor. This 20×20 exhibit features custom product shelves, allowing for easy access to Canagan’s multiple products on display. Natural wood elements complimented the brand’s use of all-natural ingredients and the large fabric header structure boosted the overall sleek appearance on the showroom floor. Dog food displays allowed attendees to experience the products up close, making it an interactive, educational, and memorable experience. This exhibit was created by Nimlok Orlando, 4605 LB McLeod Rd., Orlando FL 32811; (Web Site)


PR Newswire’s head of marketing wanted to “GLOW” with great presence at its annual two-day event. This was a 20×20 booth space where the client wanted to have bright lighted graphics, maximum height structure and a floorplan that allowed space for heavy traffic as the conference flow brought attendees to the exhibit hall in large, hectic bursts. To accentuate booth, the booth staff all wore neon colored shirts to that matched the “glow” of the very bright and vibrant colors. PR Newswire is using this same booth at multiple shows to maximize marketing budget and messaging consistency. This exhibit was created by The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group, 1900 E. Tyler Road, St. Charles, IL 60174; (Web Site)


This Meritor exhibit was themed, “Run with the Bull.” Run with the Bull splashes across a dynamic screen display inviting attendees of TMC 2016 to step inside and engage. The louvered overhead draws attention from every direction with its elegant, overhead, illumination. A light source in the top channel cascades light around the polished edges of the acrylic panels. When viewed from the side angle, the louvers form the outline of a semi truck, smartly encapsulating Meritor’s product line. This exhibit was created by EEI Global, 1400 S. Livernois Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307; (Web Site)


The Turkish Culture and Tourism Office recently used this exhibit at The New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City to showcase Turkey’s distinctive culture, rich history, and astounding resort destinations, as well as provide sub-stations for the various travel and tourism related service providers. Grand format dye-sub images on sculpted fabric forms created a unique architectural environment, while travel related partners were each showcased in their own unique space. This exhibit was created by Skyline New York, 740 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge NY, 11788; (Web Site)


Trojan Condoms, (Church & Dwight via Colangelo Synergy Marketing), has developed a custom built, buzz-generating externally branded VR Dome showing an immersive VR video – an over-the-top faux 4D roller coaster ride – which delighted all comers. The VR Dome itself had unmistakable street appeal. The presentation is being used to attract 18-24 year olds at the Vans Warped Tour. Over the 6-year tour, an estimated 450,000 viewers have seen the show. This immersive VR presentation was created by VR-MAX, a division of Sinard Marketing, 3060 Rosewood Ln. N.,Minneapolis MN 55441; (Web Site)