Walmart and RockTenn have announced a new “Transformer” pallet display concept. The system enables creation of shopper solution centers around the store, that can incorporate brands from multiple suppliers. Built around an ultra-sturdy core of Falconboard®, the unit can hold heavy loads of goods, and is 100% recyclable. The initial program using the Transformer system will be a “Travel Center.” It will provide added value to Walmart shoppers by showcasing travel/trial sizes in a convenient, easy-to-shop location. For more information, contact RockTenn Merchandising, 5900 Grassy Creek Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105; (Web Site)

CAROCON-Moultrie Camera Pallet

This Moultrie pallet display is designed to be versatile. It was created in a way so it can be used for several different products across different programs. It can be expanded or taken in to allow for different sizes of product. This minimizes the quantity of cutting dies needed across the program. This display was created for Moultrie by CaroCon Display & Packaging, 909 Prospect St., High Point, NC 27260; (Web Site)


Litco’s molded pallets, when used with P.O.P. displays, feature the pleasing look of plastic but the low cost of wood. These molded wooden pallet cost less, weigh less and stack and store better. They are Clean, Dry, Mold, Bug and Nail free for safety. The pallets’ natural color blends well and does not distract from displays. The pallets are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 24″x20″ to 48″x40″. For more information, contact Litco International, One Litco Drive, P.O. Box 150, Vienna, OH 44473; (Web Site)


ORBIS’ modular all-plastic retail display pallets accommodate a wide range of point-of-purchase displays and structures. These 24″x 24″, 24″ x 48″ and 48″ x 48″ pallets offers marketers an attractive display solution and eliminate product touches and shrink by utilizing a single pallet for transport and display. These consumer-friendly pallets decrease safety liabilities and product shrink by eliminating sharp edges, splinters and nails present in wood alternatives. They maximize labor efficiency, reducing product stock-outs and protect promotional and general product displays from floor dirt, debris and moisture. For more information, contact ORBIS Corporation, 1055 Corporate Center Drive, Oconomowoc, WI 53066; (Web Site)


Coca-Cola is featuring this school bus pallet display in 1,500 Walmart stores to merchandise Powerade, Vitaminwater and Gold Peak tea. The display size is adjustable to accommodate multiple pallets of product by incorporating a basewrap between the front and the back of the bus. The display features clear acetate windows to allow for the product to be be seen by the consumer. Flashing red lights attract shoppers’ attention. This display program was created for Coca-Cola by Tag Worldwide, 230 Peachtree Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30303; (Web Site)


Testrite’s Quest Banner Stand is designed to enhance pallet displays. Feature quality, all-metal construction, Quest’s telescopic aluminum tube opens to 7′. There are two mounting options: a radiused 24″ long top steel rod for signs with holes or grommets, or 24″ straight steel rods for banners with pole pockets. Single Wing and Double Wing Quest Banner Stands are offered. For more information, contact Testrite Visual, 216 South Newman Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601; (Web Site)


VKF Renzel created the PVC Case Stacker to enable signs and price tags to be hung over the top edge of cardboard boxes. Originally conceived for liquor stores, it can also be used in other retail environments. Signs are protected from dust and dirt by scratch resistant, non-glare PVC, and continue to remain easy to change. The design also allows the Case Stacker to hang from wire suspended above products or shelf risers. No additional hardware (e.g. clips or tape) is required. For more information, contact VKF Renzel USA Corp., 1400 E Devon Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007;
(Web Site)


The Coppertone Suncare Surf Shack pallet answers the year-round demand for suncare products at selected high-volume Walmart stores in Florida. The goal of the display was to hold a maximum amount of suncare merchandise while embodying the Coppertone brand. The pallet’s beachy, sunwashed theme gives instant recognition to the product category and the Coppertone brand. This Coppertone Suncare Surf Shack pallet display was created by Mechtronics, 511 Fishkill Ave., Beacon, NY 12508; (Web Site)