Da Bomb Bath Fizzers On Endcap Displays At Target

Da Bomb bath fizzers are being featured on endcap displays in Target stores.
Teenage sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw made their first handmade bath bombs in their Minneapolis home when they were just 10 and 11 years old. It was less than one year ago when these two driven sisterpreneurs debuted Da Bomb Bath Fizzers – which come with a themed surprise inside each one – at Target stores across the U.S. And based on double-digit sales growth, these teenage sisters sure are on to something.
With catchy names like “Cake Bomb,” “Bling Bomb” and “Cozy Bomb,” the 3.5 oz Target-exclusive bombs include fragrant fizzers made with just a few simple ingredients.
Proceeds from the sale of their “Earth Bomb” go to organizations that help clean up the world’s oceans. Each fizzer has a coordinating name, appearance, fragrance and surprise. The Cake Bomb, for example, smells like almond buttercream and contains a small toy cupcake or cake donut.