Daymon Research Reveals Four Forces Shaping Retail In 2017

Global consumer retail leader and private brand pioneer, Daymon, has released the four key areas that are essential for retailers and manufacturers to focus on in 2017: 1.Shopper Participation-Thanks to the digital revolution, shoppers feel empowered to take things into their own hands. Marketers should work to tap into the new “participatory shopper” by providing opportunities for consumers to co-create and act as brand marketers. 2. Destination Retailing-Retailers must create attractive destinations to drive in-store traffic. Traditional definitions of categories can no longer dictate the journey through the store. Shoppers want tailored solutions that lead to experiences – not just transactions. 3.-Precision Wellness-Consumers can now track daily lifestyle and dietary habits. This trend is set to grow, providing new opportunities for retailers to create personalized offerings for the self-aware shopper. 4.-Redefinition of Convenience-Marketers must identify innovations that will help them commercialize the store of the future, giving customers what they want, when they want it.