Deschutes Brewery Is First Craft Brewery To Bring Labels To Life With Virtual Reality

Deschutes Brewery has brought two of its beers to life with virtual reality films that provide viewers with an immersive experience of Oregon landmarks: Black Butte and Mirror Pond.
The Oregon brewery’s two flagship beers, Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale, were named after these beautiful natural places. Now their fans can experience them with two stereoscopic 360 degree virtual reality experiences created by local Central Oregon creative agency, Impossible Engine.
“Most people outside of Oregon don’t even realize that many of our beers are named after actual places, so we are excited to bring these brands to life,” said Jason Randles, Digital Marketing Manager for the brewery. “These places, and the beers that were inspired by them, are the heart and soul of Deschutes.”
The latest films are available on the Deschutes Brewery’s YouTube channel. The films can be viewed on the screen using the arrows to move the perspective around, or by using a Virtual Reality viewer, such as Google Cardboard.