Didgebridge Launches Mobile Video Technology

Dusobox, an Orlando, FL-based p.o.p. display company, Bay Cities, a Pico Rivera, CA-headquartered display firm, and Didgebridge, have formed a collaboration providing an end to end, seamless solution to better serve the needs of their brand and retailing partners within a rapidly evolving mobile-shopper marketing sector.
Didgebridge, with offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, is a mobile-marketing technology company, which specializes in on-demand mobile video content delivery and proprietary Intellismart ™ instant shopper insights. Its proprietary, collaborative capabilities allow for the transformation of any retail environment touchpoint into an Intellismart purchase-helpful, mobile video on-demand experience for any shopper with a smart phone or tablet.
Dusobox is now equipping both brands and retailers with new, Microsoft-supported mobile video tools and instant insights to provide a more engaging in-aisle experience – without cumbersome beacons, apps, screens, or QR codes.