Easy-Inflate™ Inflatable

Alvimar Global’s Easy-Inflate™ is the first self-contained inflation system for custom P.O.P. inflatables. These patent-pending newly developed inflatables are uniquely designed for quick and easy set-up and storage. Each Easy-Inflate™ has a built-in pump that is positioned securely inside its base with a detachable power cord that stores in its own compartment. They plug into any standard 110-volt outlet and the powerful air pump inflates most units in less than 30 seconds. Nearly any product can be replicated in sizes up to 10 feet plus. Easy-Inflate™ inflatables are constructed of heavy duty PVC and have a reinforced base, which provides extra durability. The weight of the built-in pump acts as a stabilizer for each system. For more information, contact Alvimar Global, 640 Three Mile Road NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544; (Web Site) www.alvimarglobal.com