EchoMaster Displays Vehicle Safety Solutions

AAMP Global, manufacturer of in-vehicle technology, has launched its brand EchoMaster, vehicle safety for consumer and commercial drivers.
The most effective driver assistance technology needs to be as easy to use as possible, with minimal intervention from the driver. Which is why AAMP has combined forces with two of its Power Brands: EchoMaster and PAC. These integrated safety solutions add important safety features, while seamlessly integrating that technology into the overall driving experience. With the brand re-launch comes a new merchandising program including consumer focused packaging and displays.
“Our goal is to make it easy for dealers to either enter the space, or increase their success within this growing category,” said Marie Still, CMO, AAMP Global. “When developing the brand, we took the time to reach out to consumers, understand their buying patterns and needs, and we have developed informative packaging and high impact in-store displays based on what we found. Our authorized dealer packages include turnkey retail solutions that allow our customers to transform their retail environment with an effective experience that draws the consumers in to the category and then walks them through the path to purchase.”