Einstein Bros. Bagels Launches New Boosted Bagels

Einstein Bros. Bagels has launched its Boosted Bagels. The inaugural Boosted Bagels menu features three flavor-packed offerings – the espresso-infused Espresso Buzz Bagel; the sweet, oat-topped Cherry Chia Bagel and the mouth-watering Savory Parm Bagel. Each of the tasty new bagels contain beneficial vitamins and functional ingredients that help guests kick-start their day.
Not only are the newest offerings packed with flavor, they are also rich in added nutrients that provide guests with a healthy boost: Espresso Buzz Bagel – boosted with 32mg of caffeine and 13g of protein. Cherry Chia Bagel – boosted with 300mg of omega-3 ALA and 12g of protein. Savory Parm Bagel – boosted with iron, B1, B2 and 12g of protein. Einstein Bros. Bagels will also offer delicious egg sandwiches featuring ingredients that perfectly highlight the flavor of each Boosted Bagel.