Emotive Digital Launches Interactive Refrigerator Network In NYC

Emotive Digital, (www.emotivev.com), has launched a new line of interactive transparent refrigerators with the installation of the first wave of units around New York City to create an advertising network.
The first line of interactive transparent display refrigerators have been installed at key retailers. These locations include Key Food, Super Fresh, Fine Fare and C-Town Supermarkets. Each store will now feature Emotive Digital’s unique platform through transparent LCD and LED technology
The platform’s transparent screens engage customers on every level. In addition to stunning graphics and imagery, the refrigerators will also use sound and touch. Customers will be able to engage with the refrigerators in order to find more information.
Emotive Digital’s interactive refrigerators will use facial recognition software in conjunction with various sensors in order to deliver a unique multi-sensory and customized advertising experience.