Freight Farms To Bring Urban Farming To Shopping Centers Nationwide

Federal Realty and Freight Farms, a Boston-based company that retrofits shipping containers with vertical farming technology capable of growing acres’ worth of produce in a fraction of the space of traditional farms, are bringing urban farming to shopping centers nationwide.
Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine, is a complete hydroponic growing system capable of producing a variety of lettuces, herbs and hearty greens. Assembled inside an upcycled shipping container, the pre-built system includes all necessary components for commercial food production and enables any individual, community or organization to grow fresh produce year-round, no matter their background or climate. Leafy Green Machines can be monitored in real-time from any location and users can purchase growing supplies directly from their mobile devices.
A partnership with Federal Realty empowers anyone to use this technology while repurposing Federal Realty’s unused parking spaces as a place to locally and sustainably produce food that benefits the shopping centers’ tenants, customers and community.