Gerber Introduces Graduates 2+ Kid Selects


Gerber Products Company, part of the Nestle family, introduced its newest products, Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Kid Selects™, mix-and-match meal components that offer toddlers 2 years and older a range of protein, vegetable and grain options made just for them. Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Kid Selects™ help children make nutritious choices and master self-feeding skills, including use of a fork and spoon.

“When toddlers reach age 2, they become more independent,” said Dr. Kathleen Reidy , head of Nutrition Science at Nestle Infant Nutrition. “Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Kid Selects™ offer a range of different meal combinations while allowing toddlers to join the family table and learn important feeding skills. At the same time, parents can feel confident that they’re serving their child nutritious options that are designed for toddlers mastering the use of spoons and forks.”