Guinness Releases 200th Anniversary Stout

Guinness brand is celebrating its 200th anniversary in the U.S. by introducing the limited-edition Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout.
The 200 Years of Stout in America Mixed Pack – also on its way from Guinness – will bring back a few favorite stout recipes to add to the festivities. The full list of celebratory releases includes: Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout – A dark stout brewed with Black Patent Malt.
Guinness Limited-Edition Mount Rushmore Cans – Classic Guinness Draught stout in cans depicting everyone’s favorite toucans flying across the iconic American monument of Mount Rushmore from a Guinness ad from the 1950s.
Guinness 200 Years of Stout in America Mixed Pack – A collection of brews in honor of America’s love of stouts – Guinness Original, 200th Anniversary Export Stout, Antwerpen Stout and Foreign Extra Stout.