Hasbro Disney Princess Music Box Display

Disney, Hasbro and Target collaborated to develop a fairy tale inspired interactive display to showcase the newest toy additions to the Hasbro Disney Princess collection.
Curious shoppers are invited to spin the showcase to trigger lights, motion and sound, engaging them in the product further.
From the jewel encrusted knob enticing shoppers to try the display, to the motorized movements of the toys that were carefully engineered to simulate play action, to the lights and sound which added to the experience, the display was designed to support product stocked directly adjacent to it.
An eye-catching turning handle activates motion behind the clear plexy casing. Product swap-outs are made easy through thoughtful design of the inner chamber and changeable graphic cards.
The shelf unit is constructed of polycarbonate plastic, acrylic, vibrant graphic panels and colored LED lights.
The Disney Princess Music Box displays were created by United Displaycraft, (www.uniteddisplaycraft.com), a Des Plaines, IL-based p.o.p. firm.