Heavenly Organics Offers BioChecked 100% Organic Raw Honey Varietals

Heavenly Organics, manufacturer of 100% Organic, Raw, Pesticide and Antibiotic Free Honey from wild beehives has met the BioChecked™ ZERO Tolerance Standard. Its White, Neem and Acacia honey varietals are now Glyphosate Free Certified™. Heavenly Organics honey has been scientifically proven to be clean and contaminant free of pesticides. The company has met and agreed to submit to regular independent lab testing for its honey and is the first honey on the market to be Glyphosate Free Certified™.

In 2016, all U.S. honey samples, even organic brands, tested by the FDA contained glyphosate residues. The growing concern for the safety of the food people are ingesting and the detrimental impacts these pesticides are having on both our health and our environment are critical issues, and Heavenly Organics has been leading the charge and setting the bar for contaminant-free honey.