Hill’s Science Diet ‘Vets Know Best’ Tour Shares Pet Nutrition News And Coupons With Pet Owners


To celebrate new and improved formulas and packaging for many of its popular pet foods, Hill’s® Science Diet® has kicked off its Vets Know Best tour. As part of the tour, the Science Diet® team will travel from coast to coast to share the news and samples with pet owners and their beloved pets. Visitors can talk with trained representatives about the new Science Diet foods and packaging and will receive mouthwatering samples for both dogs and cats. Plus, the Science Diet team will be handing out coupons for free bags of treats and wet food along with collector animal-lover pins.

Backed by veterinarians nationwide, Hill’s Science Diet is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition that pet owners can trust and give to their dogs and cats. The Hill’s Science Diet Vets Know Best tour will be at events across the country, visiting Tampa, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix and others along the way.  www.HillsPet.com