House Wine Splashes Into Summer With Cans

Just in time for summer, House Wine is launching three wines in 375 mL cans nationwide. The new cans feature two of the brand’s best-selling varietals – Original Red Blend and Chardonnay – and the third is a brand-new House Wine Rosé.
Cans guarantee fresh wine and cater to the grab-and-go lifestyle of active wine consumers, making them perfect for beachside picnics, tailgates or venues where glass may not be desirable, like stadiums or pool-side. They also are accessible, affordable and recyclable.
House Wine has consistently pushed the boundaries of consumer innovation. Launched in 2004 as one of Charles Smith’s first commercial offerings, House Wine Original Red Blend was among the first red blends to target wine lovers with an approachable, iconic package and exceptional quality and value.
“House Wine is already known as a national favorite for quality and value,” said Winemaker Hal Landvoigt. “I travel the world looking for great fruit to make an unpretentious style of wine that can be enjoyed anywhere. House is a wine for anyone, anytime, and can be enjoyed any place.”