X-GLOO Inflatable Tents

X-GLOO inflatable tents are a convenient, eye-catching point of purchase (POP) solution suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. X-GLOO combines a unique look, functionality, structural integrity and endless branding and customization options. Tents are lightweight, compact and do not require constant airflow. Tunnel elements allow you to connect tents of various sizes to each other to create a sprawling event-like setting. Reebok utilized multiple interconnected X-Gloo tents at the Reebok’s Women’s Run Series to create a highly attractive display and harmonious interaction between product, brand and consumer. Absolute Exhibits is an official partner of X-Gloo. For more information, contact Absolute Exhibits, 1382 Valencia Ave., Suite H, Tustin, CA 92780; (Web Site) www.absoluteexhibits.com

Custom Cold Air Inflatables

California Blimp creates custom cold air inflatables. Cold air inflatables are ground-based, or rooftop advertising balloons, powered by a continuously running fan blower motor (plugged into a standard electrical outlet), which keeps a constant source of pressure in the inflatable. California Blimps laminates the outside of the fabric once it digitally prints the logo. This process protects the product from fading or scratching easily from constant use. For more information, contact 738 West 17th Street Unit D, Costa Mesa, CA 92627; (Web Site) www.californiablimps.com

Inflatable Show Shell Tent

Above All Advertising offers inflatable tents, which create a great venue for branding while providing shelter from the elements for outdoor events and promotions. Above All’s Show Shell is perfect for any igloo, golf, or helmet theme but works well for general displays as well. They are available in several different sizes, ranging from 10 feet to 25 feet in diameter. Show Shell tents offer ample room for branding graphics and are easy to set up. For more information, contact Above All Advertising, 6980 Corte Street, San Diego, CA 92121; (Web Site) www.abovealladvertising.net

Giant Inflatable Billboards

AirBrands produced this giant 3D inflatable billboard, commissioned by Cadbury. Cadbury was looking for an eye-popping design to promote the release of their Dairy Milk Bubbly Bar. The inflatable bubbles fit the bill nicely, creating a high impact visual for the new chocolate bar. The billboard was powered by a constant running fan and made from durable fabric suitable for a long-term installation. For more information, contact Airbrands Event & Marketing Group, 6470 Wyoming St., Dearborn, MI 48126; (Web Site) www.airbrandsmarketing.com

Custom Inflatable Games

Alvimar Global offers custom inflatable games, which are a great way to engage consumer interaction at trade shows, festivals and all types of promotional events. The custom inflatable games offer many creative opportunities to display a corporate logo and promotion theme. For more information, contact Alvimar Global, 640 Three Mile Road NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544; (Web Site) www.alvimarglobal.com

Trade Show Inflatables

Above & Beyond makes giant inflatables of all kinds in most any shape or design to attract attention. This inflatable was created to help Alcon attract attention at a recent trade show. For more information, contact Above & Beyond Inc., 2400 Pullman St., Santa Ana CA 92705; (Web Site) www.giantad.com