IRI Releases Adult Beverage Report

IRI has released results from its study analyzing the habits of U.S. consumers regarding alcoholic beverages.
Today’s consumers drink consistently in restaurants and bars and at home. Drinking at home outperforms drinking on premise across all generations: Between 66% and 76% of consumers reported drinking at home at least once per week, compared with 23% to 26% who reported drinking once per week on premise. Beer continues to reign at home overall, with 73 percent of younger consumers preferring it to wine or spirits.
Millennials, Generation Xers and baby boomers make in-store shopping trips more than once per week, and 40% walk into the store undecided on what product to purchase. Of the 60% who do have a planned beverage purchase, 21% end up changing their mind in store, and 50% of those who changed their mind ultimately buy a different brand than they originally intended.
Robert Tomei, President of Consumer & Shopper Marketing for IRI, said, “When you consider how often most shoppers are going to the store, and the fact that 21% of them changed their mind during the actual shopping trip, you realize the impact in-store signage, creative labeling and other marketing could have on your portfolio.”