James Allen Partners With Sears To Redefine Bridal Jewelry


James Allen, a leading engagement ring and certified loose diamond retailer, is working with Sears to provide an exclusive and innovative in-store shopping experience at Sears locations throughout New York, Maryland and Puerto Rico.

The James Allen boutiques are located in the heart of Sears’ jewelry department and are staffed by a select team of engagement ring specialists. Elegantly designed as a high-end jewelry boutique, every James Allen store-in-store offers 120 styles.

The state-of-the-art experience offers couples the opportunity to try on engagement rings and then select their dream diamond to be set on their ring of choice.

James Allen’s proprietary 360-degree diamond Display Technology allows customers to see the unique characteristics of each diamond. Shoppers can browse thousands of certified loose diamonds in 360-degree high-definition video displayed on a customized tablet interface.