Lexmark Introduces Digital Endcap


The Lexmark Digital Endcap solution unites software, hardware and services to deliver an affordable and effective approach to endcap promotions.
The Lexmark Digital Endcap solution eliminates the need to create and produce printed materials or manually re-letter signs week after week.
This solution integrates with marketers’ product data library to create endcap displays-as needed. It provides a simplified process for cross-selling, upselling and pairing products on endcaps.
This system integrates with product and pricing databases to populate signs using the most current data available. Associates can easily update signs in-store using a scanner, with no need to climb a ladder.
The cloud solution is set up and run by Lexmark, which will work with marketers design teams to define the look and feel of the signs, which can be produced in all shapes and sizes
For more information about this Digital Endcap solution, visit www.lexmark.com.