McDonald’s Runs Virtual Reality Promo.

The McDonald’s Pit Crew Experience was created as an inviting pop-up experience with original mobile applications and a Virtual Reality game for the attendees to NASCAR Sprint Cup races. Using an HTC Vive VR headset, users are transported into the excitement of a virtual NASCAR pit stop, where a digitized Jamie McMurray, driver of the McDonald’s #1 Chevy SS, instructs them to become part of the team by changing the driver’s side tires in a race against time.
Once users place on the VR goggles, they are surrounded by a virtual world built with the sights and sounds of a racecourse. A McDonald’s stock car screams into the pit and the user goes to work with an air gun and a stack of tires to get the driver back out on the track as fast as possible. Once complete, the user receives a personalized email with their finishing time and a link to share their accomplishment on social media.
McDonald’s tapped NEXT/NOW, a Chicago-based experiential agency, to create the VR experience. NEXT/NOW worked with agency partners KemperLesnik and Evolve to build the McDonald’s Pit Crew Experience.