Menu & Merchandising Strategies Contribute To Jamba Juice’s Growth


Jamba Juice management sought to optimize the brand’s menuboards and in-store merchandising. King-Casey,, a Westport, CT, headquartered design firm, developed a new menuboard strategy.

Key elements of the new menuboard strategy included a new layout based on product sales and margin objectives, better use of menuboard “Hot Spots” (based on customer flow and line-up) and increased use of images with high appetite appeal. King-Casey also developed a zone merchandising strategy which focused messaging on only a few key items and staged the communications from the Entry Zone (front door and windows) to the Order Point (menuboard and registers). King-Casey developed strategic zone merchandising schematics and concepts to guide the creative executions.

Jamba’s new menuboard repositions the breakfast and lunch meal offerings to the left-hand side HotSpot, features single focus breakfast and lunch meal panels which are changed-out at a specific time during the day and use more and better visuals to increase appetite appeal, ease of navigation and speed of selection.